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How To Bet And Win On Australian Football


Australian football is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world, despite it only being prominent in Australia. The reason for that is because there is an interesting way for gamblers to know how to bet on Australian football and win. Aussie rules is one of the most lucrative sports to gamble on in the world, and there are a host of aspects that bettors must take into consideration before placing their bets.

Understanding the sport is undoubtedly the first aspect that gamblers looking to pick the right strategies to winning on Australian football bets must take into consideration. The sport is unlike any other, which means reading the Aussie rules betting guide is essential. After gamblers have understood the rules and what is required to win, then they can delve into finding the best online sportsbooks for the sport.

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How To Find The Best Sportsbooks For Aussie Rules

It is great to have an Australian football betting strategy, but that can only be put to good use when gamblers have found the best sportsbook to fulfil their needs. There are some sportsbooks that offer markets for the sport, but don’t go into depth, and these should be avoided at all cost. If you sign up to one of these, then you are immediately handicapping yourself from the markets you can select from.

To maximise your winnings on Australian rules, you need a sportsbook that takes the sport seriously. There, you will have the number of markets that can give you an increased chance of winning returns.

Understand The Markets

There are a lot of markets that bettors for this sport must understand in order to find the right avenue of how to bet on Australian football to win. Some of them are relatively straightforward, but others are more confusing. This sports betting for beginners guide can help with the easier markets.

There are a number of easy Australian football betting strategies for gamblers to use, You can opt to place bets on the total number of points scored in the match, or the winning margin that the victorious team will win by. The latter of which is often a popular market when the better sides in the AFL are playing against the teams towards to bottom.

Tips To Consider Before Betting

Before you place your first bet, you need to understand what you’re going to bet on. There is a step by step guide that gamblers should follow in order to have the best possible chance of achieving a return. You can follow these simple steps to ensure that you’re placing the best possible bet:

  • Examine the fixtures, and pick the desired match you want to bet on.
  • Look at the league standings to consider which team has the best record.
  • Research previous meetings between the two sides, and the latest injury news.
  • Narrow down the markets that you’re looking at. For example, if the Western Bulldogs haven’t won by 20 points in their previous five matches, then you can remove that option from contention.
  • Once you have found the bet that you want to place, pick the desired stake.

Appreciate The Odds

When understanding how to bet on Aussie rules, it is important to consider the odds of both teams. If the Carlton Blues are +300 to beat the Richmond Tigers, then they are set at that price for a reason. You shouldn’t bet on the underdog purely because you are hoping that they can cause a shock.

Gamblers should bet with their head and not their heart, which means sometimes taking the odds on the -400 favourite despite the returns not being too much. It’s important to consider why the favourite side is expected to win before placing your bet.

Look Past Individual Match Betting

There is much more to Aussie rules betting than just the individual match markets. Instead, there is a variety of different markets that bettors can take advantage of when they are looking for value in their betting in the ante-post markets. The vast majority of these centre on the tournament winners in the men’s and women’s AFL.

This market will enable the gambler to make a bet at any point of the season surrounding the team that they believe will win the big competitions. As well as this, many of the leading sportsbooks also allow gamblers to place bets on the teams that will win the respective conferences, as well as the player that will win the Brownlow Medal. There is a lot of value for gamblers to find in these markets, and they shouldn’t be overlooked.

As well at the ante-post market, there is also value for gamblers in the in-play markets. Gamblers can bet on the next scorer and the team that will score the next points. These bets can be placed while the game is ongoing and can be a lucrative avenue for betting.

Start With Small Wagers

Finally, the biggest tip that any Aussie rules gambler should take into consideration is that the amount of money that you are playing with. If you are just starting out betting on the sport, then you should start small before increasing the stake when you feel comfortable. That will be the best way to win those higher returns over a progressive amount of time.

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