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Video poker is five card draw poker played one-on-one against the casino's software.  It is one of the most popular games at online casinos.

Video Poker - How to Play


Video poker is just as easy to play as any other game. It smacks of a progressive jackpot game, which is why many gamers are now turning to it in a pursuit of better profits at their casino. However, the excellent pay-out rates shouldn’t be your only motivation. The game offers much in the way of incremental profit and you stand to benefit from it the moment you pick the rules and choose the version you love. We will help you find out how to play video poker like a pro right now.

Overview of the Rules and the Game Itself

You won’t need a video poker trainer to excel at the game. However, you will benefit from developing an eye for details and a keen sense for when matters are going your way. It’s simple to get down the rules of video poker as they are not overcomplicated.

For starters, the game resembles a slot machine, but it’s not really that. You still have control over how your hand are structured, which means that you can influence the outcome of the round. Not only that, but you will also benefit from playing the game that has the smallest house edge of all available products in the casino.

Even if you are statistically favoured in a game of video poker, we recommend that you are careful about the particular rules that will apply to the table that you end up choosing. However, let’s look at the underpinning rules first before we dive into the deviations:

  • The game uses standard poker hands;
  • You will receive five starting cards and you may discard any number of those cards or all of them if you choose so;
  • All discarded cards are replaced;
  • To win, you will need a hand that matches any of the qualifying combinations.

These rules may of course change and you will do well to examine the specific rules for each game you sit down to play. We have covered a few versions ourselves so that we can help you understand the game slightly better.

How to Play Video Poker Jacks or Better

One of the most common versions you can experience out there is Jacks or Better. The game offers some of the best pay-out rates. Developed by all studios that are known to the iGaming segment, this game is quite the flagship title in any casino’s video poker offer.

If you want to be winning in this version of the game, you will need at least a pair of Jacks. You will also notice that the pay-outs you can get here are quite exceptional in their own right. Usually a Royal Flush will yield 250x credits. You will get 50x for Straight Flush. After that, the credits you claw back upon a successful combination in Jack or Better are as follows:

  • Four of a Kind – 25x
  • Full House – 6x
  • Flush – 6x
  • Straight – 4x
  • Three of a Kind 3x
  • Two Pair – 2x
  • Pair of Jacks or Better – 1x

Of course, there are some specifics to consider here. For starters, you will need to check your own version of the game and the accompanying pay-out rates that are inherent to it. Remember, knowledge is power, especially so in poker, video or otherwise.

How to Play Video Poker – Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild offers perhaps lower Return to Player Rates (RTP), but it is certainly just as fun to play! Comparing how much the different combinations pay out also reveals a game that is rather more generous. Remember, the Deuces will be wild cards that can replace a card of any suite or colour. The potential wins are decent:

  • Royal Flush without any wilds- 250x
  • Four Deuces - 200x
  • Royal Flush - 20x or 25x
  • Five of a Kind - 12x to 16x
  • Straight Flush - 8x to 10x
  • Four of a Kind - 4x or 5x
  • Full House - 3x or 4x
  • Flush - 2x or 3x
  • Straight - 2x
  • Three of a Kind - 1x

Incidentally, the aforementioned two versions are the best video poker machines to play. They provide the highest pay-outs to anyone who is prepared to pick the game and study its specifics.  

If you are really keen on learning the rules right away, you can simply go online and type in “how to play video poker YouTube,” which will take you to some decent guides. YouTube is a good source of information and you can even spectate other people play while jotting down everything you find useful to improve your own game.

Learning the Game Up Close

You may be wondering at this point: Are there any video poker machine secrets? The answer is yes, and no. Basically, common sense will be your soundest guidance here. You can select to follow a number of viable tips, including:

  • Be knowledgeable – come prepared and research the game you intend to play;
  • Follow the game – Even if you can’t count cards or anything of the sort, it still helps to give the game your undivided attention;
  • Don’t spend too mmany credits – remember to keep your money safe and play at just a fraction of what your actual bankroll is.

There are other tips to apply here, though they concern the specific gaming titles. If you ferret around our website a bit, you will find applicable strategies for beginners and pros alike for any of the video poker versions we have mentioned! You may even want to learn how to play video poker in gangstar vegas!

Video Poker – What an Absolute Delight!

A game that offers much in the way of monetary return, you definitely have a decent chance of turning a profit for yourself. Pick the version you enjoy the most, study the prerequisites, and before long you will see notching up one successful combination after another.

Stack Up Your Profits with the Right Video Poker Game!

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