Video Poker
Video poker is five card draw poker played one-on-one against the casino's software.  It is one of the most popular games at online casinos.

Play Online Casino Video Poker

Video Poker is a convenient way to play poker but without a dealer. As the name suggests, you are playing a video version of poker with the same rules as regular poker games, but online.

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How to Play Video Poker online

Playing video poker online is easy. You play the same way you do sitting at a poker table in a brick and mortar casino, but it is presented on your computer screen. You get to see your virtual cards and you then click buttons based on what changes you want to make, what bets you want to place, and more.

When you play video poker, you can make a lot of money online, more so than playing in real casinos. However, you want to be cognizant of whether the website allows for free games. Free games means you don’t have to sign up yet, you don’t have to give any personal information, or deposit any real money. You can play a free version of Video poker so that you can begin to understand the rules, you can see what the user interface is like, or you simply get to figure out if you remember how to play the game or not. Playing these free games first is great for people who want to catch up on their skills or simply learn the rules of the new game.  Remember, it is best to find websites that offer both free games and real money games so that once you get the hang of things you can start making real money deposits immediately. Then you can convert all of the skills you gained during the free versions into profits during the real money versions.

Evaluating a Video Poker Casino

When you are evaluating the different online casino websites you should pay very close attention to the bonus structures offered by each casino. Sometimes website has different bonuses set up for play made on different games. They might give you welcome bonuses whereby they match the amount you deposit initially. For example, if you deposit $100 initially they will match that by depositing another hundred dollars. This is only if the match bonus percentage is 100%. In some cases, the match bonus is could be only 50%.  Sometimes the match bonus has a maximum limit or is a set figure such as $100 cash. In all of these cases, you will need to be aware of what bonuses you might prefer. Some websites let you play different games but they give you bonuses every week so if you play on Wednesday, which happens to be the slowest day for web traffic on the website, they might give you a deposit bonus or they might give you free games or they might even give you free spins. Sometimes the bonuses you get are game specific, such as slot games or poker games,  or they are even more refined and be applied to a specific slot game or a specific type of poker game.  Simply knowing what the rules are can help you better evaluate which options might be in your best interest. Obviously, there is no best option out there, but there is one that meets your personal preferences better than others.  

Video Poker Deposit Methods

You must be aware of the deposit methods that you have at your disposal. Different websites offer different deposit methods. When you look closely, you might discover that some websites give you one free withdrawal every month. This can be great if you only plan on withdrawing all of your winnings once per month.  More than a single withdrawal and they might charge you $10 per transaction. This is just from the casino end. When you are playing this game and making a withdrawal or a deposit you might get charged on the back end from your bank. You want to be aware of what charges you pay so that you can find out which options are best. It might be in your best interest just to take advantage of that one for you withdrawal every month in which case you get to keep your winnings for an entire month and use them to play. If you are going to use some sort of money management plan you will have to pay very special attention to how much you leave in your account and how much you use to gamble.

Play online Video Poker in 'play for fun' or 'real money' modes - enjoy one of the most popular online casino games now!

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