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Using a Qiwi Online Casino


Qiwi Casinos accept payments from players using the Russian created money system called Qiwi. Today this financial system has maintained its status as the largest online casino payment provider in Russia. The service has increased in popularity since the day it was formed and today is available throughout 20 countries. There are over 15 million users that rely on the services of this company to pay for online purchases. This is an electronic wallet that is now one of the most popular payment methods for almost all online casinos that operate in Russia.

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How Qiwi Casinos Work

Qiwi is easy to use, convenient, and fast. This applies to deposits and withdrawals. Some of the largest names among the online casino business now use this payment method and many more online casinos are turning to it because of its fast and reliable processing of money in both directions. It is not yet a universal payment method but more and more casinos are adding it to the banking options they have, which means that the increased popularity might soon make it a universal option.

When you use Qiwi online casinos, it works in tandem with Visa which is obviously a well known financial company which means it is safe, secure, and very simple. It is easy to add money to the account with a variety of different methods like terminals or kiosks that you can deposit cash into. Throughout all of Russia, it is the most convenient payment method there is. And what's more, the money is immediately accessible in your online account as soon as you make the deposit.

When the company was first launched it was primarily used to purchase cell phone credit, pay off loans, pay for internet bills, and pay utility bills throughout Russia. Today, however, it is most widely used by people who want to transfer money to an online casino account. One of the biggest selling points behind this company is the fact that your money is available instantly. This payment method works with Visa so you know that everything is safe and secure and that all of the transactions comply with the safety features you would expect today.

How to Make a Deposit at Qiwi Online Casinos

If you have selected the casino you want to use then you need to open up your electronic wallet account first by going to the official website for the company. Unlike other electronic wallets, PayPal or Moneybookers for example, you only have to provide your mobile phone number when you want to set up a payment. Once you submit your number to the financial company website you will receive a password via text message. Then you sign in using your personal cell phone number which replaces a traditional username and then you use the password that was sent to your phone rather than risking exposing your normal password. Once you've done that you open up the account and input funds into the account. You can do this by transferring money from a bank account, depositing money through another electronic wallet, using a credit card or debit card to make your deposit, or depositing cash at any one of their numerous physical kiosks.

Remember that the availability of your funding sources for the account itself is based on where you live. So if you transfer money and you live in Russia it's going to appear in your local currency. And of course, if you live in Russia and you are currently overseas and you want to transfer money it's going to still show up in your local Russian currency rather than the currency of the country where you are. After you have done this you have to navigate back to the payment page on the online casino you have chosen. Login, choose the electronic wallet option and then choose Qiwi. At that point, you have to sign back into your account using your phone number and the password and then determine how much money you want to transfer. Most of the time this transfer is free from any fees and the payments will be instantaneous.

Cashing Out Your Winnings

If you want and you are ready to cash out your winnings just make sure that the online casino is compatible with Qiwi.  If it is then you are simply required to head over to the payment page, enter your phone number and the password that you received from the company and then set up the amount of money that you want to transfer. Once you have done that and it has been cleared by the online casino your money will appear in your Qiwi account immediately.

Advantages of Using a Qiwi Online Casino

There are many advantages to using this payment method. Your payments are instant in both directions. The transfers are typically free of charge. You can easily add more money through the physical kiosks or their terminals using cash. It is accepted everywhere that Visa is accepted. And it is designed specifically to work with a mobile phone.


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