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Playing a Visa Card Casino


Visa Casinos are online gambling sites that accept any cards bearing the Visa brand on them. Of the many different payment options available, Visa Card is probably the only one that is accepted by all online casinos for both deposits and withdrawals (with a few exceptions). There are several advantages of using Visa Card when you play online but high rollers often mention the deposit limits as a disadvantage. 

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Making Deposits with Visa at Online Casinos

When you are ready to sign up and make your deposits you will find it is quite easy.
The deposits work the same as other online vendors.

  • First, you sign up with a casino.
    If you already have a casino that you use, then use their cashier button or link to make deposits.
  • Fill in any information if you are new, completing the application.
    Once you have your data entered, you can always choose to save some or part of it so that the next time you go to make a deposit, you do not have to put everything in all at once.
  • After that, select Visa as your method of deposit.
    There should be a screen where you can input the payment method, and then share the credit or debit card data. This information is not shared directly with the casino site and is, therefore, protected.
  • Choose the amount of money that you wish to deposit.
    If you are capitalizing upon bonuses of any kind, you will most likely have to enter a bonus number or code here so that you can accept the bonus.
  • Complete the transaction and verify the money is in your account, then start playing.

The withdrawal process using a Visa Card

If you win big and are ready to make your withdrawals to the same source, the steps are very similar

  • First, use their cashier button or link to go to the withdrawal page.
  • After that, select Visa as your method of withdrawal.
    There should be a screen on the website where you can input the payment method if it is a new method, and then share the credit or debit card data as needed. Remember, this information is not shared directly with the casino site and is, therefore, protected.
  • Choose the amount of money that you wish to take out.
    The amount of time it takes to complete this transaction is going to be based on the casino and the bank you are using. Some banks take one or two days, others take a week or two. Keep your eyes peeled to verify the money is in your account.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Visa when it comes to gaming

As already mentioned the main advantage of having a Visa Card is that it is so widely accepted all over the world. As it is available in (almost) all currencies and all countries you do not need to check if your casino accepts Visa deposits or not. The overall use of a Visa Card is similar to that of using a MasterCard with the difference that you can't make withdrawals with MasterCards. When it comes to the disadvantages, the main reason why some high rollers are not using VISA is due to the limitations the card sets on the amount one can deposit per single transaction and over a certain time period. If this is an issue for you, using an e-wallet like Skrill might be an option to try. 

Visa Casinos - are they all good?

Even though (all) online casinos accept Visa as a payment option, not all casino sites are the same. You want to make sure you still vet the sites for their customer service, their fast withdrawals, and their large bonuses. Unless you pick one of our top-ranked casinos you will want to choose your online casino carefully before you start playing because incentives, reputation, customer support, and safety for players are paramount. Some of the best online Visa casinos offer certain benefits to players like specialized VIP programs, the chance to capitalize upon rewards, and more.

Visa Rewards

When you get a credit card or debit card, it will bear two things on it: the first is the name of the financial institution that gave you the card and the second is the logo of the bigger company behind the card. Visa is the brand that many financial organizations partner with. Your local bank, Chase, or Capital One, for example, might give you a card with a Visa logo on it. If you get a credit card from a third party retailer, you might see the Visa logo on it.  

With Visa, in particular, you can take advantage of certain benefits from a Visa credit card. These come in the form of rewards or points for usage. Visa sends out different offers tied to your account and you can choose to use rewards that, for example, earn points each time you spend money. Those points can be put toward cash back rewards into your account or free airline miles, whatever you decide. Getting a card issued by Delta airlines with a Visa brand logo on it might be a chance to earn double points or double miles each time you spend money with the card. So, bearing that in mind, using your Visa card at a Visa casino gives you the chance not only to gamble with your favorite websites but to earn points back on the card.

Bonuses from Visa Casinos

The casinos themselves also offer lucrative bonuses which may not translate into points for your card, but they do translate into free money for your gambling account. With your gambling account, you can start making your initial deposits via a Visa card and get a match bonus on many websites. These match bonuses are percentages of whatever your deposit was. Some, for example, offers a 100% match bonus on your first deposit. So, if you deposit $500 with your Visa debit card for the first time, you get $1000 total with which to gamble.

Customer Service

The nice thing about using a prepaid Visa card at a Visa card casino is that you have many methods of protection and customer service. If there is something wrong with the gambling account, on the end of the casino, you can contact the customer service department for the casino. If there is anything wrong with the card, you have two options for support: from the lending institution behind the card and from Visa. You are more likely to get a faster response from your original bank or lending institution, but it doesn’t hurt to have back up coverage.

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