AWP Slots - Play for Prizes, Fun and Amusement

by Dave Brown
AWP Slots - Play for Fun and Amusement

AWP stands for 'Amusement with Prizes". In an online slot machine, this usually means that the game offers a higher degree of interaction between the game and the gamer. Still a slot, but some consider these types of slots more fun and may want to look out for AWP Slots Games. If you are a beginning casino player, you may be wondering what players are referring to when talking about the ‘pokies’ or 'slots'.  Perhaps you are more familiar with 'Fruit Machines', as they often are called in the United Kingdom, notably because of the use of fruit symbols in the slot machines in the early gambling days. In Australia, these games are called Pokies and in the gaming world in general, simply 'slots' . There are a  few other names for slot machines used across the world including gaming machines, one-armed bandits, pub fruities, Tragamonedas (Spanish for coin swallowers), Puggy,  Electronic gaming machines (EGM), and Mangiasoldi (Italian for the machines that eat money).

What Should You Know About ‘AWP’

You may have come across another term, AWP? You may be interested to know that the term means ‘Amusement with Prizes’. An AWP slot is a type of slot machine that offers a communicative interface between the player and the machine itself. Players need not have exceptional skills to play AWP slots in the casino as these games are broadly based on chance alone. Therefore to reflect this fact, operators add the word ‘amusement’ as a part of the name of these types of machine.  

SWP or ‘Skill with Prizes’ machines are another type of slot machine, and they mean. Contrary to the AWP types, these slot machines need the gamers to have some level of experience and proficiency while playing them. The SWP games are aimed at players with abilities and skills, while the AWP games are generally intended for beginners or players looking to play for amusement.

Slot machines that are installed in places such as arcades and pubs are generally referred to as AWPs while those that are installed in brick and mortar casinos are referred to as slot machines.  It is important to note the AWP slots offer lower pay-outs and imposes a restriction on potential players stakes because these games are intended for fun and don’t require players to have any exceptional skills to win. In this sense, rewarding players with huge bonuses and rewards could be seen as controversial.

Advantages of Playing AWP Slots on the Internet

Many players love playing slots, but fear the crowds, traveling time, and expenditure that comes from playing slots inside an offline casino. Others who enjoy playing at the land-based casino are usually not able to do so because of the stringent gambling laws in their area or their distance from a casino is restrictive. If you are one of those individuals who love casino gaming but does not want to put up with the trouble of traveling to one, join the millions of players who are now playing the slots online.  There are lots of benefits to playing slots online. The primary reason is that online slots offer a better percentage of payouts because their overhead cost is quite low. An offline casino needs to consider the maintenance of their casino; therefore, they tend to offer lower payouts.  

Numerous online casinos nowadays present games that perfectly fit in with the amusement with prize description.

Popular AWP Slots

You can find various types of slots games that have garnered immense fame among players. A few of the popular names include 50 Lions, Fire ‘n Dice, Ski Bunny, Tomb Raider, Wheel of Plenty, Super Bucks, Queen of the Nile and Wild ways.

How to Choose an Online Casino to Play Slots?

Selecting a reputable online casino to play the slots is easier if you know what to look for. First, you should make sure that the Internet casino is regulated and licensed through a recognized company.  You can find this by visiting the home page of the online casino, where you will find logos of license from trustworthy casino jurisdictions, which have provided them the endorsement after stringent monitoring. Monitoring agencies like eCOGRA and Malta Gaming Authority regular assess the games and the payment methods of various online casinos to ensure that they are playing by the rules and operating fairly.  You can also look for reviews of players about online casinos. These reviews based on players honest opinions can make it easier for new members to find a trustworthy and reputable place to play.

Online AWPs Are Definitely Worth a Try

The majority of players who are comfortable playing traditional slots usually don’t prefer playing AWP games. Online AWP slots are specifically designed for players who have happily played amusement slots in clubs and arcades for most of their lives. They definitely get nostalgic on discovering AWP games at online casinos. Players who have never played an AWP before might find them interesting to play as they are easy and fun to play. 

Another fun aspect of playing slots on the internet is that you can join a tournament and play against other players. Most of the tournaments are free to join, the rewards are great but the fun even more! Read more about Slots Tournaments. 

Pokies or Slots: They are Basically the Same Thing!

In Australia, slot machines are referred to as pokies. Slot games are extensively known among casino followers all around the world. These games are purely based on luck, thus making the principle of winning or losing completely random.  With the rising popularity of slots among enthusiasts, they have been widely introduced to online casinos and they are designed in accordance to the appearance and feel of the land-based casinos. Slots are not just simple games, they offer a huge competitive edge to all their players. They include various exciting features such as bonuses and multiline bets.

Try an AWP slot game today at your favorite online casino!

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