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by Dave Brown
It Takes All Types of Slots

Slots are the most important product a casino can offer. They are every online gambler's "go-to game-of-choice" as well as being the most lucrative business segment of iGaming products. Overall, slots generate the bulk of casino revenue. It’s not surprising then, that there are thousands of online and physical slots already on the market. Today, we take a closer look at the various types of online slots.

A Never-Ending Variety of Slots Online!

Having established that casinos benefit the most from slots, let’s look at why gamers love them just the same. The reason is quite simple: slots are fun and easy to play. No more, no less. They come with multiple bonus levels, exciting new ways to win, a promise to multiply your original investment, and possibly walk away richer.

Slots TypesEven in the cases when you tend to end up losing, your losses are minimal, thanks to the reliable Return-To-Players (RTP) rates casinos maintain. Of course, different slot variations come with their own specific payouts. The classics have been replaced by the popular video slots, which are also giving ground to the beautifully 3D-animated versions. Let’s explore the available slot types:

  • 3-Reel
  • 5-Reel
  • 3D Slot
  • I-Slots
  • Feature Slots
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots
  • Fruit Machines

3 Reel Classic Slots

3-Reel slots are based on the Fruit Machines found throughout arcade clubs. It’s the basic form of slot machine coming with 3 columns and 3 rows and offering a single payline. You place your bet and if the symbols match, you will be rewarded a specific amount of money corresponding to the paytable. Paytables are used to determine how much you should be paid. As players familiarise themselves with the basics, they often opt for the versions that offer more payouts.

Why Play 5 Reel Slots Online for Real Money?

5 Reel Online Slot FeaturesPlay 5 Reel Slots Online for Real MoneyClassic 5 reel slots offer maximum excitement with the 5 reel format. The game features game symbols arranged vertically in 5 rows.  This slot version is more popular than the 3 reel because of the high number of combinations and paylines, which make it more lucrative. In contrast to classic 3 reel slot, which features just scatter and wild symbols without any special symbols, 5 reel slots have more symbols and advanced features. You can find shifting wilds, stacked wilds and other such symbols and features such as mini games and bonus rounds.

Also called video slots, the 5 reel slots are often accompanied by a bonus round that occurs on another side screen. The rules and structure are slightly different from the 3 reel slots but the basic game is simple when you compare to other online casino games. The games are found in a diverse range of styles and forms. You can find progressive and non-progressive jackpot games and real money games that enhance the thrill factor even more.

Classic 5 reel slots have several appealing features when compared to 3 reel slots. Starting with graphics and audio effects the 5 reel slots are vastly superior. Most of the games are 3D or video slots.

The 3 reel classic slots are mostly of fruit slot type with symbols such as fruits or lucky 7s. In 5 reel slots, you have multitude of themes ranging from TV shows, movies and exotic locations to haunted and wild life themes.  You can also find historic, sports and themes based on music, board games and movie or TV show franchises. The bonus round has the best graphics and in 3D.

The animated symbols transform the otherwise tame game into a thrilling video game you would find hard to stop playing. But for first timers, the game play with its bonus games and numerous symbols can be overwhelming. If you are just starting out, you have to begin with the games that have less than 20 paylines and later move on to the games with sophisticated features and additional bonuses.

Top Online Real Money 5 Reel Slots 

 Mega Moolah: This 5 reel slot from Microgaming has astounding visuals and a great soundtrack with exciting gameplay. Players are in for huge profits, daily bonus offers and the RTP is 97%. With a small wagering range from 0.25 to 6.25, players can easily win huge amounts with the progressive jackpots. The game has 25 paylines.

 Spirit of the Inca: Developed by RTG this 5 reel slot game has a tropical backdrop and temple treasures to win. With plenty of free spins, bonus symbols and wild features, the game offers a payout percentage of 96.6% and 243 paylines.

 The Slotfather: With a mafia theme, and unique 3D graphics, the Slotfather game from Betsoft features The Godfather, Fat Tony, Sammy Quick Fingers and Frankie the Liaison. Icons in the game include signet rings, red wine, pasta, newspapers, cigars, machine guns and  criminal cars.

 5 reel slots are available for newcomers and casino gaming pros. With demo versions being offered at all top casinos, you can easily try the game and plunge into the real money games after you feel confident about using real money. With plentiful game selections and spectacular graphics and bonuses ,you haven’t lived the casino experience unless you try the 5 reel slots!

Playing 3D Slots Online

One of the biggest breakthroughs in recent time was the introduction of 3-D games to the market. These games have made their way into some of the more well-known casinos around the world, which means players from all over are now able to enjoy 3D games. These slots are meant to give you the same style of graphics that you would get if you were watching the game with 3D glasses, only, on the screen in front of you. The best part is, you do not have to wear glasses to enjoy the games. Instead, you get to watch and enjoy a better, more three dimensional game right from the machine.

The purpose of this was to make the action taking place on the screen as realistic as possible for players. Characters you are playing in your game will look so real you might think you could literally reach out and touch them. Many of the characters that once seemed like cartoons would turn out to be great characters that you would swear were live actors right out of a film. This type of change has reshaped the industry. The technology has been so widely adopted that new and old casinos alike are boasting 3-D machines and slots.

Progressive Jackpots and BIG Payouts

Progressive Slots JackpotsOne of the most promising slot types with real money is the progressive jackpots. These are regular slots with the small exception that they come with a bonus level that allows you to play for a jackpot that has been accumulated by all gamers in a connected network who have lost money before you.

The jackpot amounts are quite staggering as well. You can play for a few hundreds or for a few millions – quite literally. Once a jackpot has been won, the timers reset and the counting starts. Until next time.


3D Slots, I-Slots, and Feature Slots

When we talk about types of online casino slots, we must mention the most remarkable games introduced in recent years. The characters come alive thanks to the 3D slots, which as the name suggests, use advanced animation techniques to bring the games to life. This provides players with an unexpected and rewarding enhancement when it comes to gameplay.

I-Slots are the latest innovative invention! They are slots that won’t have you play through the same recurring scenario day in, and day out. Instead, they come with multiple bonus levels and offer you choice, which means that your decisions influence the game's outcomes. It’s not about spinning endlessly anymore!

Feature slots are usually slots that come with a specific feature or bonus round that is touted by the developers and casinos. These slots are usually unlocked via Scatter Symbols and Wild Symbols. They are becoming the predominant slots online, although to be perfectly honest – all of the slots that hit the market today combine aspects of Feature, 3D and I-Slot, to the point that such differentiation may not be necessary anymore.

Fairness Guaranteed with Online Slots

The different types of slots mentioned above give us a variety of games to choose from and it's all a matter of taste. There is however one more important factor to mention when it comes to online slots, the fairness of the games. For us to recommend an online casino they must offer casino games developed by software companies submitting their games to 3rd party audits like iTech Lab which tests the Random Number Generator and ensure that all the numbers check out.

Excellent Variety of Slots!

After you have found a reliable iGaming operator, all you have left to do is to enjoy yourself selecting and playing from their vast portfolios. Most advanced casinos will provide you with choices from many, diverse game developers out there. The games are becoming increasingly mixed and as the competition grows, you stand to benefit immensely from all the seductive ways the industry comes up with to keep you coming back.

Reap the Benefits by Playing Various Slots!

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