Where to get a No Deposit Bonus

There are plenty of online casinos that offer what are called "no deposit" bonuses.  These bonuses are favoured rather heavily by people who are not sure which site they want to use yet.  For example, you might start playing a few games here and there and find that you simply don't like the layout of a website or you don't like certain graphics on the home pages of the casinos you are evaluating. If you use no deposit bonuses you have the opportunity to test the different websites and figure out what their structures are long before you have to deposit any of your own money. This is a great way to figure out if you like the website and if you enjoy the games that they have and the layout they offer.

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dice bonusWhat is a No Deposit Bonus?

Online casinos that offer bonuses without you having to deposit any money are a great place to start especially for people who haven't played much before. In these cases, because you are not depositing any of your own money before you start playing, it is a much riskier endeavor for the casino itself.  There are situations where people will sign up for these bonuses and they do so without depositing any money, but then they sign up for multiple casinos without depositing money in any of the casinos. As a result, they are able to take advantage of the bonuses and play, winning money that they are allowed to deposit without having to take on financial risks themselves. Obviously, this is not the purpose of the no deposit casino bonus and it is the worst case scenario for the casinos themselves. The casino operators offer these bonuses under the auspices that you as the player will recognize how much fun it is to play at their particular establishment and after you have used that initial bonus, you will start to deposit more money and play more often.

In order to mitigate some of the risk that the casinos take on, there might be strings attached to your no-deposit bonus. For example, you might get to enjoy a no deposit bonus of $100 as soon as you sign up. This means that before you deposit any money yourself you get to enjoy $100 with which to gamble. Clever institutions will set up rules that stipulate that you cannot withdraw that bonus or the winnings that you make off of that bonus until you have made a deposit or until you have played a specific amount. This prevents you from simply signing up getting that $100 and then withdrawing it and leaving, never to return again.

Why No Deposit Bonuses are good for you?

Casinos offer no-deposit bonuses as a way to entice players. Players who want to test out a casino before they have used their own money are going to be drawn to the no deposit bonus casinos. These bonuses are a great way to really figure out if a website is suitable for your needs. You might find a site whose layout you enjoy, clean and crisp, very easy to navigate. But then after you enjoy the no deposit bonus you start to play a few games and realized it doesn't work well on your computer or they don't have the wide selection of games that you prefer. In this case, you can leave without having invested any of your own money and simply go to another no deposit casino and try your search again.

Subsequent Rewards

After you have taken on the bonuses that are offered to you free from any deposits, you can continue to play with the websites that you like by depositing real money and enjoying real money bonuses. After you have enjoyed the no deposit bonus you might be able to take advantage of other bonuses such as deposit bonuses afforded to you by the same casinos for all subsequent deposits you may. These are match bonuses that are typically the second type of reward offered by the same website.

Evaluating Casinos

When you decide upon a casino, whether it is one that you used the no deposit bonus with or not, it is important that you evaluate it before you invest any of your money. The first thing you want to look at is the security. The online casinos that you find should have great security,  equal to the security you would get when you play in Vegas. For starters, they should have SSL encryption to prevent any of your data from being stolen. Beyond that they should offer security measures such as never asking for your password, requiring certain levels of safety in the password you create. Check that they are registered and licensed to operate in your area too. They should have third-party reviews for their fairness and security and offer the banking methods you need most.

You should also be aware of their customer service responsiveness. Before you even start gambling with your own money you should make inquiries to the customer service phone numbers, email, and live chat. Whatever methods they have for contacting them you should try. Ask them some simple questions and see how fast they get back to you. Even if you are not yet using your own money you want to make sure that their customer service is going to respond quickly.