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The PariPlay Casino Software company has created some of the most diverse products under the iGaming industry.  PariPlay software has online games and systems which are meant for lottery operators and online casinos but obviously it's up to players to give these products their personal seal of approval. And they have done just that by repeatedly visiting the casinos that already offer the games offered by this company and providing a regular stream of revenue for operators.

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PariPlay Gaming

PariPlay gambling business is a multi-channel gaming business which specializes in operating real money games, licensing real money games, and developing the games and systems. They supply products and services to casino clients operating across international markets. The company focuses more heavily on a business-to-business model by offering on-site solutions for their land-based operators in particular. They do a lot of the necessary behind-the-scenes things that keep an online casino operating from CRM to reporting to business administration and CMS. It is certainly not the most interesting or glamorous aspect to online casinos but it has to be done by every operator and the software they provide works flawlessly in doing so. The software will aggregate analytics, process payments, integrate third-party tools and platforms.

PariPlay Casino Software and Support Structures

PariPlay Gaming - Fire vs Ice: The Eternal Battle PokieThe modular system deployed by the company allows clients to pick and choose the tools they want. The platform is compatible with almost all other systems that an online casino operator is likely to have and with the clean coded API and the well-designed back end and front end, the company will take care of the complex aspects of running an online casino whether you want to utilize mobile channels, social channels, or desktop play.

PariPlay Games

PariPlay games offered include Bingo, keno, and a lot of slot games.  There is literally something for everyone. In terms of their games they are great for clients who want to offer free play versions of games to their players before the players commit. This is more and more important in modern days as players are faced with many options for online casinos and therefore are less likely to play regularly with a casino that doesn't offer the chance to try games for free. This is especially true if the individuals are new to the world of online casino operations. Online casino operators would do well to work with software providers that offer free versions and real-money versions of the same game so that players will return time and time again after they have found the game that they like best. This company offers games like Arctic Madness, Atari Asteroids, Black Widow, Royal Fortune, Candyland, Dirty Jacks, and Easter Cash Baskets.

PariPlay Casino Platforms

PariPlay Gaming - Free Spins Wild Cherry PokieThis company has five distinct platforms. The first is iGaming. this is where their experience is most valuable because they don't force clients to adopt a regular package, one-size-fits-all. Instead they have unique solutions that utilize the proprietary platform they offer. They have a back-end platform that allows clients to finally control all elements of their website no matter what distinct platform they use. Organizations can as a result bring multiple platforms together and combine them seamlessly on their websites. there is excellent security and privacy maintained with the use of this platform while simultaneously allowing online casino customers to fully customize the analytics and reports they received so that they can determine how well the lottery or casino is performing. There is instant support in the events that troubleshooting is a requirement.

The second platform is the mobile platform for PariPlay online gaming. This is one of their leading technologies. This technology allows clients to bet without being tied to a physical table or machine, and instead play on a mobile device even if they are at a physical casino. The mobile on premises solution let's physical casinos utilize the same benefits of mobile games that are online casinos offer. Players can set up at a table or a slot machine and then when they decide to leave continue playing on their mobile device wired directly through the facility.

The third platform is the lottery platform. They have online Lottery Solutions that are entertaining and engaging. The company is committed to an algorithm ticketing technology so that operators can provide the best games two players with fixed odds that are scalable and customizable. The latter allows operators to refine the revenue they received by configuring the odds on the lotteries they use.

Social gaming is the fourth platform they offer which is very much ahead of the curve. Social gaming is what allows players to enjoy different games with in social channels which negates the need to travel to a third-party website. This is very popular especially among the younger players who might not feel comfortable going to a third-party website and signing up but would be much more at ease staying within the realm of the social channel they already know. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry and this company caters to clients who want to launch social gaming whether as a standalone venture or as part of a more comprehensive plan incorporating any of the other platforms.

Final Verdict

This software provider stands out among all of the very popular software providers for the games that it has to offer and their unique features.


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