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Australian Rules Football Online Betting for Real Money


There aren’t many sports in Australia that can claim to have as much money staked on them throughout the year as Aussie Rules. This leads to many bettors in the country looking for the best online Australian Rules football betting sites.  Fear not, we have done all the hard work for you - Instead of finding the sites yourself, you can just look at the research that we have conducted.

Top Australian Rules Football Betting Sites

The most important aspect of Australian Rules football betting online is finding the perfect sportsbook to place your wagers at. Below, you will find the leaders in the field along with any welcome offers that could be enticing.

How We Compare Australian Rules Football Betting Sites

Separating the good online Aussie Rules betting sites from the bad is extremely important for gamblers. Betting with the leaders in the field will ensure that you have the best odds possible, which will lead to higher returns. However, when it comes to deciding the best online Australian Rules football bookmakers, the most important factor is safety.

To familiarize yourself with the Aussie Rules terminologies and bet types used in this article, refer to the beginner’s guide to Australian rules football betting. Before getting stuck into bets that you have learned in the , you will need to ensure that you know that the sportsbook that you are betting with is keeping your information safe. That is essentially the biggest difference to be found among the top online sportsbooks. If you are safe in the knowledge that your sensitive information is protected by SSL Encryption, then you can wager your money with peace of mind. Also, the top sportsbooks will also have the relevant licenses, which shows bettors that they can be trusted.

Once this test has been passed, then you can examine the welcome offers. These are essential for bettors, as it could be the difference between winning big or not. It is also a good way to see how seriously the sportsbook is about Aussie Rules. If they have a dedicated welcome offer for the sport, then it would be the best place to make your wagers.

Types Of Australian Rules Football Bets

Finding the best online sportsbook for Aussie Rules is the crucial factor, but all gamblers should ensure that they have checked the betting markets that are available to them to ensure there is a high number of options. The most popular types of Australian Rules football  bets should be available on all the leading sites. These are the most common Aussie Rules betting markets:

  • Match Odds 
    The prominent way for gamblers to place their wagers is on the match odds market. This straightforward market will see the bettor put their stake on the team that they believe will win. If that team does win, then the gambler is rewarded with the returns.
  • Line Betting 
    Not all the teams in the AFL are as good as each other, which means this is often a popular market. The favoured side will start at a disadvantage that they will need to overcome. The disadvantage is set by the sportsbook and will mean that the team will start with minus goals. For example, if Collingwood start with -6.5 against the Western Bulldogs, then they will need to win by at least seven goals.
  • Big Win/Little Win
    Betting on the winning margin is hugely popular in Aussie Rules. Bettors will have to predict whether the team that they are wagering on will win by between 1 and 39 points, or whether they will win by 40 or more points. The bet is settled depending on the scoreline in the match.

Major Australian Rules Football Events

Like any sport, there are a number of competitions in the world of Aussie Rules that take precedent. With the sport being at its most popular in Australia, the biggest competitions in the sport are both played there.

Australian Football League

The biggest competition in the world of the sport is the Australian Football League (AFL). There are 18 teams involved in the competition, with the winners of the tournament crowned in the AFL Grand Final. Teams must go through the league format and then a final four-round playoff series to make it through to the Grand Final.

South Australian National Football League

The South Australian National Football League is one of the oldest competitions in the history of football. Only the FA Cup can claim to have been competed before the SANFL. The format is similar to the AFL, with 18 teams competing for a place in the Grand Final at the end of the season. The SANFL is the second most popular competition in Aussie Rules; behind the AFL, but ahead of the West Australian Football League.

Women's AFL

The sport of women’s Australian Rules Football continues to grow, and bettors are already placing their bets on the AFLW. The league started in 2017 with eight teams, before expanding to ten and then 14 teams by the start of the 2020 season. Adelaide have won the most titles in the history of the competition, twice.

Why Bet on Australian Rules Football Online?

Betting online is hugely popular in this modern era, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Punters are able to place bets on all the major Aussie Rules sporting events throughout the season from the comfort of their own home. Better yet, there is a growing number of betting markets that have been born through the growth of online gambling, with in-play markets hugely popular nowadays.

Gamblers will be able to watch the action unfold in front of them before placing a wager on what they believe could happen. These online sportsbooks that are leading the way are also the safest that they have ever been, with the vast majority holding the relevant licenses and boasting SSL Encryption to ensure that sensitive information is safe.

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