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Snooker Betting Types


Snooker is a common sport to bet on, which is shown by the number of markets offered to us by sportsbooks.

Throughout this article, we will highlight all of the available markets that you can take advantage of during your snooker betting journey. Our Snooker betting guide is intended for the snooker beginner.

Most Common Markets

There are 3 markets that most bettors use when placing wagers on snooker. These include:

  • Match Winner – who will win the upcoming match.
  • Match Handicap – sportsbooks will offer a handicap on both competitors (depending on the number of frames required to win the match). If the game is a best of 7 (first to 4), then the player favoured by the bookie will have either a -1.5 or -2.5 handicap. This means they will have to win the match by 2+ or 3+ frames respectively. Their opponent will have a +1.5 or +2.5 handicap. This allows them to lose the game by 1 or 2 frames or win the game outright for your wager to be a winner.
  • Total Frames – here you will decide on whether the total number of frames in a game will be above or below a number set by the bookie.

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Other Snooker Markets of Interest

There are a number of other markets that are available, and they can provide many valuable bets for us to beat the bookie. We highly recommend looking into the below markets in more detail when you are carrying out your research into the upcoming tournament. We have compared the best online Snooker sportsbooks to give you an advantage when considering and making your next wager yourself:

Match Centuries

This market involves the total number of centuries that will be recorded in a match. Either player will have to score more than 100 points on a single visit to the table. Scoring 100+ points in a whole game from multiple trips to the table will not be valid.

Player Centuries

This is the exact same principle as the above market, but it concentrates on an individual player recording a century.

Race to (Frames)

This market depends on the stage of a competition. If the match is a best of 7, then the sportsbook will offer you the opportunity to bet on either of the players to be the first one to win 3 frames.

Match to Go to a Deciding Frame

Just like overtime in Football and Basketball, a game of snooker will be decided by a final frame if the scores are level. You have the option of Snooker betting on whether this will happen or not. Following your research, if you believe the game will be closely contested, then this could be a good market to look into.

147 Break?

147 breaks are rare but can occur. With the increased level of skill in recent years, coupled with the potential prize money to be won by a player hitting a 147 break, there is a slight possibility of this happening. The odds for this to happen are high, so the pay-out could be massive if you managed to predict a winner.

First Frame Markets

There are many more markets available to us bettors during the first frame of a game, just like the 1st period in Ice Hockey and the 1st inning in Baseball. The extra markets a sportsbook offers are as follows:

Total Points – the total amount of points scored by both players. This is usually an over / under market.

First Colour – which colour will be scored first. Everyone will try to pot the black first as it is the highest scoring ball, but it depends on where the white ball lands after potting a red.

Break of 50+ / 100+ - two separate markets offering us a chance to bet on whether either player will record a break of 50+ points or 100+ points.

Pot First / Last Ball – which player will be the first person to pot a ball and which one will be the last to pot a ball.

Race to 30 – similar to the race to (frames) market above, but this requires you to predict which player will be the first to score 30 points.

In-play Betting

Betting during a live game has become extremely popular over the years.

In-play betting allows you to take full advantage of how someone is playing. If one player has started poorly and looks out of form, then it might be worthwhile backing the opposing player. If a player is playing well but has been a little unlucky and finds themselves down a frame (or 2) early, then it could be beneficial to back them to win as the odds will be highly in your favour. Always keep an eye out for live bets, because there can be some serious value!

Outright Betting

Prior to the start of a tournament, many bettors like to place a wager on who will win the whole thing outright.

The odds on these markets are always high as it is difficult to predict the winner. This is because of the number ok players competing. If you do get your prediction right, you will be in for a huge payday.

An example of an outright bet would be as follows:

The Master's Tournament:

Judd Trump +250

Ronnie O’Sullivan +300

Mark Selby +700

John Higgins +1400

Ding Junhui +1800

Judd Trump is regarded as the favourite to win the tournament at +250 odds – so a $100 bet on Judd to win will pay out $250. 

Please take advantage of your newly acquired knowledge of snooker betting types and use it to help you beat your bookie!

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