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Australian Rules Football Bet Types


Aussie Rules is one of the most-watched sports in Australia, and it is also one of the most brutal. There are so many factors that gamblers watching the sport can bet on with these top online sportsbooks, and that’s what ensures it is a popular sport for gamblers in not only Australia but also the world.

The AFL is the highest level of competition in Aussie Rules. There are nine teams from Melbourne, two from South Australian, two from Western Australia, and one from each of Sydney, Brisbane and Geelong. Bettors who are looking to wager on the sport should examine all the online sports bet types before placing their wagers.

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Outright Betting

AFL/AFLW Champions

The most common way to lay a wager on the Australian Football betting markets is to stake money on the team that will end the season as the AFL or AFLW champions. The latter is the women’s equivalent to the AFL and is played at a comparable standard. These markets are competitive, but the odds are constantly changing due to the market not closing until the winners have been decided. That means the timing of the bet is important, as punters have to find the best possible time to place their wager.

Bettors will lay their mark on the team that they believe will win the AFL or AFLW outright, and should they have selected the team that are crowned winners at the end of the season, then they will receive the payout. However, if they select the wrong team, then the stake is lost. These bets can be placed once the previous season has ended.

To Reach the Grand Final

Betting on the eventual winners of the AFL isn’t the only ante-post option for punters looking at Australian Football betting types, as they can also lay a stake on the team that they believe will make the Grand Final. There isn’t as much value in this market compared to the AFL Champions market, but it could be a good way to hedge bets for punters. That is because the team that is selected in this market doesn’t need to win the AFL; they just need to make it to the Grand Final for the gambler to receive the winnings.

Match Odds

When it comes to each match, the most popular Australian Football betting market according to this betting guide for Aussie Rules, is Match Odds. Here, wagerers can place their stake on the team that will win the match. Both sides will have different odds, with the lower-priced team being the favourites to win. If the gambler is able to put their money on the team that wins once the full-time whistle is blown, then they will be awarded the returns. However, if they place their stake on the wrong team, then the stake is lost.

Spread Betting

Another common betting market for Australian punters when it comes to Aussie Rules is spread betting. This is typically called ‘Line Betting’ in North America, or ‘Handicap Betting’ in the United Kingdom. In this market, the favoured side will start at a disadvantage that they will have to overcome for the bet to be a winner. For example, Collingwood may start with a disadvantage of -6.5 against the Western Bulldogs. In order for bets on Collingwood to win returns, they must win by at least seven when the full-time whistle blows. If they don’t, then the bet is lost.

Big Win/Little Win Betting

Combing the winning team, and the margin that they will win by is another popular betting type when it comes to Aussie Rules. Bettors must correctly predict the winning team, and by how many points that they will by. Punters will be given the option of 1-39 points or 40+ points. For the bet to be a winner, both of the factors have to be correct. For example, if a bettor bets that Collingwood are going to beat Western Bulldogs by between 1-39 points, then the bet will be a winner should they win between that number of points. However, if the Bulldogs win, or Collingwood win by 40 or more points, then the stake is lost.

Over/Under Points

Instead of betting on the team that will win a respective fixture, punters can instead choose to place a wager on whether there will more or fewer points than the benchmark that has been set by the sportsbook. For example, a sportsbook may set a benchmark at 180 points. Punters will then have to predict whether there will be more or fewer points than 180 total points scored between both sides. The bet is settled at the full-time whistle, and the bet is a winner or loser depending on the number of points that have been scored.

First Scorer Betting

This market is particularly popular when it comes to betting on soccer, but it is almost as popular in Aussie Rules, as it offers a unique avenue for profit. Punters will have to predict the player that will score the first points in the match. This bet is settled when the first score has occurred, with the bet being settled as a win or lose depending on whether the punter staked their money on the correct player. The research process is vital for this betting market, as it will highlight the most likely players to score for punters.

Aussie Rules - a game worth betting on!

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