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A Beginner's Guide to Australian Rules Football Betting Online

Australian Rules Football or Aussie Rules as it is most commonly known, is one of the most famous leisure and sporting pastimes to come out of Australia. It remains the most-watched sport in the country, and betting on it has become an increasingly profitable concept. Australian Rules Football betting has become so popular that the number of online bookmakers now offering odds on each match is staggering. There are still those that get confused as to what each bet type entails. That’s where we are here to help. 

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Aussie Rules Bet Types

Much like with every sport nowadays, online Australian Rules Football betting online has become massively popular. But, unlike many other sports, there are a plenty of betting markets unique to this sport. Let’s explore.

Match Betting
The most common way to bet on Aussie Rules is the match betting market. Like with other sports, this can commonly be called the 1X2 market. The ‘1’ represents the home side, while the ‘2’ is for the away team. Gamblers will lay a stake on one of the outcomes, and the bet is settled when the referee has blown the final whistle. Should the team that you have bet on wins, the bet is a winner. However, if your selection is defeated, then the stake is lost.

Points Betting
The over/under markets are incredibly popular when betting on Aussie Rules, and this market is among the best. Due to the amount of points scored per game, the benchmark set by the bookmaker could be in the region of 180.5. Then the bettor would place a wager on whether the total number of points scored in that match will be more or less. If the wagerer’s bets that it will be over, then there must be at least 181 points scored in total. It keeps bettors engaged in the game without supporting one of the sides.

Margin Betting
Here, the bettor will select what the winning margin will be. There are typically two choices- 1-39 or 40+. Should the team selected win by 41 points, and you have selected the latter, then the bet is a winner.

One of the most popular markets for Aussies Rules is the ability to have multiple selections in one game. Here, you can include total points, first goalscorer and disposals into one bet.

What is Handicap Betting?

One of the most popular ways to bet on Aussie Rules is the handicap market. Here, the favored side would start with a disadvantage that they will have to overcome. For instance, Geelong could start their match with the Gold Coast at a -25.5 position. This means that they will have to win by at least 26 points for the bet to be a winner. It is the best way to bet on the favorites when they are playing against a side towards the bottom of the table.

What Is An Accumulator?

One of the most common ways of betting with Australian Rules Football sportsbooks is an accumulator. This is where bettorrs can combine multiple selections into one longer bet to win a higher return. This is typically done by included multiple match result selections. However, it is important to remember that all selections must-win for the bet to be a winner. If one team lets you down then the stake is lost.


When it comes to competitions to bet on Australian Rules Football, nothing comes close to the AFL. The Australian Football League was formed in 1896 and is truly a dynasty that fans of the sport have grown up watching. There are now 18 sides in the division, with ten located in Victoria, two in South Australia, two in Western Australia, two in New South Wales and two in Queensland. The season runs for 23 rounds, with the top eight in the table progressing to the playoffs. The knockout competition then determines which sides will be competing in the Grand Final in October.

The betting options for this competition are staggering with each individual match, having a vast number of markets. The betting market for the outright winner of the competition is also competitive, with at least half of the sides having a realistic chance of at least reaching the Grand Final. There is also each-way value to have on this as wagerers can place an each-way bet and gain returns even if their team loses in the final.

General Betting Advice

Study Form
Like most sports, the big giveaway for upcoming matches is the recent form that teams are in. If they are in excellent form, then they would be worth betting on compared to a side that is out of form.

Team News
Check the most recent team news for the sides that are playing. Should a crucial member be missing, then the final result could be affected. The inexperienced players could be given a chance for underperforming sides, so it is important to have some knowledge on their talent.

Consider Underdogs
No sporting league in the world is as unpredictable as the AFL. Because of that, it is also worth looking for reasons to support the underdog.

Next Steps- Play For Real Money

Once you have understood all the betting markets that are available when betting on Australian Rules Football, you will be able to begin playing for real money. It is essential to remember the general betting advice and use it before every match.

When you’re first starting out betting on the sport, it is encouraged to begin playing with small amounts. You can gradually build this up the more you understand the Aussie Rules betting markets.

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