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Basketball Betting Online for Real Money


Basketball's growing popularity across the world has given rise to numerous online sportsbooks offering an array of markets to bet on. Basketball is one of the top sports in America, with the National Basketball Association (NBA) being a high-octane thrill ride from start to finish.  Bettors are quite often sat at the edge of their seats all the way to the end of a match.

With the growing number of bookmakers online, have produced a list of the top available betting sites for you to look into when deciding to bet on basketball online. 

Basketball - Best Betting Sites

Here at, we don’t just list all of the current top sportsbooks out there. We carry out extensive research into each one, detailing the ever-important ratings from current users and also the sportsbooks welcome offers, which we have found to be important to every bettor.

We provide our recommendations not only for beginner bettors, but also for the more experienced ones. If you are looking to switch to a new sportsbook, then we have you covered!

Comparing Online Basketball Betting Sites

Looking through all of the sportsbooks available to the North American market can be a gruelling task. wants to simplify this for their readers and have provided a detailed analysis into their top betting sites.

Each bookmaker that we include in our lists are safe and secure and must adhere to our clear and strict guidelines. The things that we look for are as follows:

  • Availability of mobile sites and apps.
  • Variety of banking options for fast and reliable deposits and withdrawals.
  • Fantastic odds.
  • Digital security encryptions.
  • Number of markets being offered for basketball.
  • Customer support.
  • Officially licenced through a gambling authority.
  • In-play/Live betting options.

Types of Basketball Bets

With the large number of competitions and games throughout a basketball season, there is plenty of opportunity to place wagers online. A few of the important and popular available basketball betting types are detailed below. If you are new to online betting, especially basketball betting, it might be useful to read over our guide to online basketball betting

Point Spread
Many people consider the Point Spread market as being the number 1 market when it comes to basketball betting. The majority of odds offered to us on this market are around -110 (please check out our Betting Types Guide on to fully understand how to read betting lines). This creates value to a bettor, especially when the line favors us.

Moneyline betting is the final outcome of a game - who is going to prevail. The odds offered by sportsbooks are relatively poor when it comes to the favorite, however, there is a huge plus if you believe that an underdog can come out on top.

Totals Betting
The most popular totals bet is the Over/Under total points. Here, the sportsbook makes a decision on the combined number of points scored by both teams during regulation and overtime. If you believe the game will go over the total offered, you will place a bet on the over. The odds are similar to Point Spread (highlighted above). 

Other total betting types include the number of rebounds, points and assists of an individual player, or a team’s overall points score. 

Parlay Betting
With a large number of basketball games being played each day, many bettors like to make parlay bets. Deciding the outcomes of 2 or more games can increase both the excitement and potential pay-out.

Basketball CompetitionsMajor Basketball Competitions

Most bettors will be familiar with the basketball competitions throughout North America. However, there is a growing popularity in competitions across Europe, leading to sportsbooks starting to offer markets on these. The major competitions are highlighted below:

  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
    The pinnacle of basketball worldwide. Everybody wants to make their name in the NBA and show the world they are the best in the league, with teams from the United States and Canada competing to be crowned champions.
  • Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)
    This is the professional female basketball competition equivalent to the NBA in North America.
  • College Basketball (NCAA) 
    College basketball has become a big market for bettors in recent years. With the season ending tournament ‘March Madness’, bettors across America participate in the bracket challenge – fun and entertaining for all! 
  • European Leagues
    The major basketball competitions across Europe where betting markets are offered include the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Turkey. The Euro League and Euro Cup are the major tournaments competed by clubs across these countries. American sportsbooks have seized their opportunity and now offer many markets on games in these competitions.
  • European Women’s Basketball League
    Basketball leagues across Europe for professional female basketballers.   

Basketball Betting in North America

Everybody is looking for reliability and security in their sportsbook of choice. pride themselves in the introduction of their recommendations for online basketball betting sites.  If a sportsbook is not on our list, we do not give it our professional recommendation, meaning they may not be as convenient and trustworthy for our online bettors.  When you are ready to take the leap into betting on basketball online, make sure to stop at and see our top-rated betting sites for American bettors.  

All from the click of a button – just as convenient as backing the Rockets to beat the Knicks on your preferred sportsbooks mobile betting app! 

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