Your Strategy Guide to Winning Basketball Betting

Whether you are betting on the NBA, the WNBA, March Madness, or the EuroLeague, have developed a 10-step strategy guide to winning basketball online betting.

The 10 steps are listed below. Please make sure to follow these to increase your chances of beating the bookmakers.

1. Learning the Game

Be prepared to learn all there is to know about the game of basketball! Whether you are new to the sport or have been following it for many years, it is very important that you know the ins and outs of basketball to help you be successful in your wagering.

You should research all of the teams and how they are performing on offense and defense. This will enable you to more closely predict the outcome of any game.

2. Understanding the Basics of Basketball Bet Types

There are plenty of markets available to bettors when it comes to basketball. Some bookmakers offer 200+ markets for you to analyse and bet on.

If you are new to the sport, be sure to review the basketball bet types to understand the markets in detail.

3. Value Betting

When betting on sports (not just basketball), it is imperative that you look out for good value bets.  Throughout your research into games played during a season, you will come across certain advantages over your sportsbook. This is due to bookmakers having to price up hundreds of markets for every single game. Therefore, you should look out for the less obvious markets and focus on betting on them.

This will create a desired edge, and following these rules, you will be successful in your bets over a longer period.

4. Start with What You Do Know – Markets and Teams

When you make that first decision to start betting on a sport, there are always certain teams you are very familiar with.  Please start your journey betting on these teams as you are much more likely to have winning bets than if you decided to back a team you are unfamiliar with.  This is also the case when looking at the betting markets. Stick to what you are familiar with, until you have gained enough knowledge about the others.

5. Further Your Knowledge in What You Don’t Know

Every sports bettor will tell you that putting in the background research and furthering your knowledge of everything you can, will increase your chances of winning.  If you fully understand the game and teams competing against each other, it will be easier for you to predict what is going to happen during the game.

Please also spend time looking at the different markets that are on offer to you. If you want to win, then the less common markets are definitely more fruitful. Start betting on these markets with low wagers to practice, and when you feel more comfortable, start increasing the amount.

6. Create a Strategy

Another important step in our basketball betting strategy is to create specific strategies for the bet types you prefer.  If you like betting on the totals, then make sure you research the offensive/defensive records of both teams competing, the field goal percentages of the projected starters and whether the star players are in form. This will give you a better feeling of a game going over or under the combined total.

Point Spread is harder to predict because the numbers offered vary a lot. Be sure to look into how each team performs against similar opposition, as this will help predict if they can cover the spread or not.

7. Record Your Bets

Every successful bettor has a record of their bets – both winning and losing ones!  It is more important to keep a note of all of your losses, as these will be the ones that you can learn from and turn those losing bets into winning ones in the future.

8. Use Multiple Bookmakers

With the ever-increasing competition between the top sportsbooks across North America, many of them offer slightly different odds. These odds are to entice new customers to come and join their site or pry seasoned bettors away from their competitors.  It is advisable to join multiple betting sites, so that you can take full advantage of these differing odds. This helps create better value and increases your potential winnings.

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9. Never Chase Your Losses

The unsuccessful bettors cannot avoid making basic mistakes. These include:

  • Chasing your losses – if you are on a losing run, bettors sometimes think it is a good idea to wager more money on their next bet or bet on a game they did not plan to, to cover some of the money they have lost – NEVER DO THIS.
  • Don’t bet blindly – bettors sometimes take the easy route and follow other bettors who post tips online without carrying out research. Make sure that they have sound reasoning, and also look into these aspects yourself to make sure that you agree.

10. Know Your Limits!

Always keep a level head and use sound reasoning when betting on basketball online. This article was created to help you win, but if you start becoming disappointed following a series of losses, please take a break and come back later with a fresh mindset.

Remember, betting is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and there will be plenty of opportunities to win some money while being entertained!

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