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Best Cycling Online Betting Strategies


Cycling might not be the very first thing that comes to your mind when online sports betting is discussed. Still, this sport definitely has a big money-making potential, especially if you do it the right way. What we’re saying is that there are some tactics that can help you solve the mystery of how to bet on cycling and win. And we’re now going to talk about some of those strategies!

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Cycling Betting Strategy 1 – Betting on the Race Winner

You can be certain that top sportsbooks that deal with cycling betting have the race winner bet in their offers. This is the most popular type of bet when cycling is concerned. It refers to the cyclist who wins the general classification by finishing the race with the lowest aggregate time.

Depending on the race, there can be hundreds of contestants, meaning that it can sometimes be pretty tricky to guess the winner. On the other hand, this also means that the betting odds on this market are usually pretty long. And that means bigger profits for the bettor who guesses it correctly. However, picking the winner seems like a mission impossible for those who have no knowledge about Cycling betting.

You can easily improve your chance by learning more about this sport. To do that, you can read our beginner's guide to online cycling betting, as well as check out some news related to the sport, take a look at the stats from previous races, or see what cycling experts have to say. Sean Kelly, the Irish cycling legend is definitely a pundit whose tips you might want to listen to. The same goes for Phil Liggett, probably the most famous journalist who covers this sport.

Once you’ve acquired enough knowledge to call yourself a cycling betting expert, you can start placing bets. One of the best strategies to winning on cycling bets is to forget about the odds and place wagers according to nothing else but your own opinion. Even if a rider seems like a major underdog, if you think he is going to win, our advice is to listen to your gut.  

Cycling Betting Strategy 2 – Betting on Different Classifications

Here is another one of the fairly easy cycling betting strategies, which promotes relying on your own judgment. How it differs from the previous betting tactic is that you’re supposed to bet on the winners of certain stages of the race. Depending on the race, you might be able to bet on the winner of the mountains classification (King of the Mountains), points classification, and young rider classification, in addition to the general classification.

In order to be able to pick the winners of individual classifications, you need to have even more knowledge on cycling betting, or, you can use some more elaborate betting tactics. For instance, you can separate your betting budget into smaller pieces and bet on several riders at once. You must do this in such a way that if any of those riders win, you are going to have a decent profit once you’ve deducted the stakes.  

Cycling Betting Strategy 3 – Betting On Upsets

The previous two strategies suggest that you should base your betting decisions on your cycling knowledge. However, to ensure profits in the long run, doing just the opposite might be the solution. What we’re saying is that you might want to try to back some underdogs.

Spotting which underdog is going to win (if they are going to win at all) is very, very difficult. The good news is that upsets happen quite often in cycling. Remember that the betting odds on underdogs are sometimes extremely long, which means that you don’t have to invest too much money in order to make big winnings. You just need a little bit of luck.

More Tips on How to Bet on Cycling to Win

Learning everything about cycling and picking the right betting strategy doesn’t mean your job is over. In order to improve your chances of getting away with a big pile of cash, there are a few other things you can do. We are now going to discuss some of the factors that come into play when your cycling betting profits are concerned. Those include the following:

  • Your Sportsbook – Choosing a good sportsbook is important for several reasons other than your security, privacy, and fair gaming. If you make a good choice for your adventure with sports betting online, you are going to get better odds. Better betting odds equal higher chances of profit if your selections win. So, why wouldn't you grab the best deal possible? 
  • Timing – Now that we are on the subject of betting odds, we need to remind you that they constantly change. They drop as time goes by, that is, as money is being wagered on the outcome they represent. What this means is that the odds on the biggest favorite are going to get very short on the day of the race. Likewise, they can be pretty attractive days, weeks, or even months before the race.
  • Bonuses & Promos – If you’re new to cycling betting, maybe it’s not wise to bet your own money right from the start. Instead, why not take advantage of the sportsbook promotions and bet with bonus funds? Sometimes they can be pretty awesome. You can find the best bonus deals currently available visiting the ‘Bonuses’ section at!
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