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Understanding Darts Betting Types


Betting on darts has become extremely popular over the past couple of years, which has led to a number of sportsbooks now offering an increased number of markets for gamblers looking to bet on the sport.

However, understanding the various markets is essential for all gamblers looking to make a wager on the upcoming darts action. These are some of the most popular markets that you will be able to make a bet on.

Outright Tournament Winner

The most popular market to bet on for darts gamblers is an outright market. These are available with all of the leading sportsbooks for all of the events that take place throughout the year. The biggest competitions, such as the World Championships will also allow gamblers to make an each-way selection.

In this market, gamblers will be betting on the player that they believe will win the tournament. If the player selected wins the tournament, then the returns are rewarded. Each-way wagers can also be placed, which means gamblers will get 1/3 odds on their selection should the player selected come second.

Ante-Post Tournament Betting

Most gamblers will opt to make the most of the outright tournament winner, which means betting on the event shortly before it starts. However, there will also be an ante-post market available with the leading sportsbooks. These markets are typically the best place to get better odds on your selection as you will be making the wager up to a year before it starts.

The odds will change leading up to the event. However, there is an element of risk with this market, as the stake will be lost if your selection pulls out and doesn’t take part in the competition.

Match Odds

While outright betting is extremely popular, the most common market that is used by gambles is the Match Odds. In this market, you will be placing a stake on the player that will win a match. There is no draw option in darts, which means gamblers will only have the choice between the two players involved. If the player selected wins the match, then the returns are awarded to the gambler.

Most 180s, High Checkout and Win Match

One of the most unique markets for darts bettors is the Most 180s, High Checkout and Win Match. This is typically one of the more difficult markets to predict, as gamblers must correctly stake their money on leading the match in three of the most important stats.

Gamblers will bet online on one of the players involved in the match in this market, and they will be rewarded with the returns if the player that they have selected scores the most 180s, win the match and records the highest checkout. All three must be correct in order for the gambler to be able to get the returns.

Player Total 180s

Instead of betting on the winning player in the darts match, gamblers can wager their money on the number of 180s that one of the player scores in total during the match. A 180 is scored when a player throws three treble 20s during their turn.

This is an over/under market, which will see the gambler betting against the total that is established by the sportsbook. For example, a gambler could bet on James Wade scoring over 3.5 180s in the match and will gain the returns from the wager providing that Wade scores at least four 180s.

Correct Score

Gamblers looking for a more precise market should look into the correct score type of bet. Here, the gambler will need to predict the number of sets that each player wins during the match. For instance, you could bet on Wade beating Ian White 10-9.

However, in order for this bet to be a winner, Wade must win the match by winning ten sets, while White must also score the nine sets that you have included in the bet. The returns on this bet are much higher than the Match Odds market.

Handicap Darts Betting

Handicap markets are popular regardless of the sport that you’re betting on, and that is no different when it comes to betting on the darts. In this market, the player that is considered the favourite will start at a sets disadvantage that they must overcome. For instance, Wade could start a match against White with a -1.5 handicap. For this selection to be a winner, Wade must win by two clear sets.

Most 180s

Nothing gets the crowd more animated during a night at the darts than a 180 being scored. Gamblers will be able to place a bet on the player that scores the most 180s during the match. In this market, there will also be the option to bet on a tie, but that is typically the higher priced option of the three available. The returns are awarded if the player selected scores the most 180s in the match.

9 Dart Finish

A 9-dart finish is considered the perfect leg for players in darts, as they score the maximum check out score of 501 with the minimum darts possible. You can bet on whether there will be a 9-dart finish in a match of darts. However, there will only be the ability to bet on yes. It will typically be high odds, as only 58 9-dart finishes have been televised.

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