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Fantasy Sports Bet Types

The World of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports betting markets are often orientated around choosing a series of players that will make up a 'fantasy team' each week. Usually, fantasy sports contests consist of ongoing leagues with a focus placed on team events. Leagues including NBA, NFL, Soccer and NHL are all extremely popular amongst fantasy sports bettors.  If you have little or no previous knowledge about fantasy sports, we suggest you read our introductory fantasy sports guide.

So while the various fantasy sports betting types are a little different to traditional sports betting, you must still gain a complete understanding of them to be successful. This knowledge is provided for you throughout this article, and after reading each section you will be more prepared to enter the world of fantasy sports.

Popular Fantasy Sports Leagues

While it is important to understand fantasy sports bet types, this knowledge would be useless without first knowing what leagues to take part in. This is why we have broken down the top 5 fantasy sports leagues that are currently available, and you can browse these at your leisure.

  • Fantasy Football

This league has exploded in popularity in recent years, and the league itself contains numerous fantasy sports betting markets. The focus is primarily on NFL football, and players typically choose their fantasy team each and every week.

  • Fantasy Premier League

The fantasy sports betting types contained in this league are very similar to the previously mentioned football league. Of course the focus here is on the Premier League for soccer, which takes place in England.

  • Fantasy Baseball

This league focuses on the MLB league, but players still choose their fantasy team on a weekly basis - usually. 

  • Fantasy Basketball

Much like the other leagues mentioned, this league focuses on the American based NBA. The process for selecting a fantasy team still operates the same way.

  • Fantasy Hockey

The NHL is another incredibly popular league for USA and Canadian based fans. Again, participants must choose their team each and every week - providing this is the type of competition they have entered.

You may have noticed a trend here. Firstly, the fantasy sports bet types are usually very similar regardless of the league. Secondly, fantasy sports leagues are highly popular with Canadian and USA participants since most of the available leagues are North American. 

Main Bets to Understand

Now that you know the most popular leagues to enter, you must gain an understanding for the various fantasy sports bet types. The good thing about fantasy sports is that there are not too many different forms of bets, and the 3 mentioned below will be seen in any league that you enter. These are also the most popular types of bets amongst fantasy sports participants.

  • Daily Contests

While many bettors prefer to engage in fantasy sports betting for an entire season, those with less patience often choose to enter daily contests. The process of selecting a fantasy team remains exactly the same, but instead the contest will run over just one day. 

  • Prize Pools

This is perhaps the most common form associated with fantasy sports betting markets, for this type of bet takes place over an entire season. There is usually a one-time entry fee to take part in prize pools, and your ranking is determined by how well you pick your weekly teams.

  • Head-to-Head

Rather than participate in a season long league against everyone on the platform, you can always challenge another player through head-to-head betting. Essentially, you choose your team and the opponent chooses theirs - the winner of the contest is the player that picks the strongest performing team. This is probably the bet that is most likely to result in a win out of all of the fantasy sports betting types. 

But How do I Win a Contest?

You will already see that fantasy sports betting online operates quite differently to the sports betting you may typically see. Of course with a bookmaker, you can bet on a contest and you are paid out if you bet correctly. This isn't the case with fantasy sports.

While the main 3 fantasy sports betting markets have been mentioned above, it can still be confusing for how you are actually paid out or make money with fantasy sports. Before explaining how you win for each 3, we must explain how the results are actually chosen.

The fantasy team is selected based on a player's statistical performance for a sport. For example, in a fantasy football league a player may earn points through the amount of touchdowns they make in a single game. The statistical analysis is different for each sport and league, as well as the specifics for a players actual position on the court / field.

We have also identified how you actually win based on the 3 types of bets mentioned above.

Daily contests - these competitions are usually open and closed during a short time period (often just 24 hours). If your selected fantasy team performs well on that given day, you may win money if your selected team outperforms the teams picked by others.

Prize pools - since these are typically season long, you will need to choose a high scoring fantasy team week in and week out to rank highly in the final standings. The league is updated each week, and monetary prizes are given if you are able to rank highly.

Head-to-head - this will often be a fixed fee charge to play against another player, but this can consist of a daily contest or a season long contest. If you perform better than the other player, you will win the competition.

How to Get Started

You will now have a solid understanding of the various fantasy sports betting types, the available leagues as well as what sports you can participate in. However, we advise choosing a league that you have a genuine interest in before starting out with fantasy sports betting.

If you like football, choose the NFL fantasy contests. If you like baseball, choose the MLB fantasy contests. You can find all of these leagues online, and to get started simply sign-up!

Inject a bit of fantasy into your sports betting today!

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