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Online Fantasy Sports Strategies

If you’ve been wondering how to bet on fantasy sports (DFS) and win your wagers, you’ve come to the right place. We believe that there are tools and techniques available for mere mortals just like us, and once they are understood, they can make a massive difference in your overall success with fantasy sports betting.

We’ve come up with a list of the top and most recent strategies to winning on fantasy sports bets - available for you to browse and implement at your leisure. Without wasting any more time, let’s jump into these strategies and see how you can put them to use.

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Seek Players with Consistent Performances

It’s one thing to throw all of your eggs into one basket and select players that have had a few games of insane form, but then again, this is what everyone usually does. In terms of how to bet on fantasy sports to win, you just can’t pick players who are here today and gone tomorrow.

For example, you wouldn’t pick a player just because he scored a hat-trick in football one game if he hasn’t put a single goal in for the rest of the season. You want to search for players who are stringing together consistently good performances, as these players are often undervalued in the market too. After all, that’s what sports betting is all about - finding value!

This means you can lock in some bargain players, and watch your points accumulate through consistent performances from your fantasy player. The only exception to this is if you are taking part in daily events as opposed to season-long tournaments, as then you may need to follow a different fantasy sports betting strategy.

With DFS - Don’t Always Follow the Crowd

Say that you are taking part in a season-long fantasy NBA league - just think if you are always selecting players like Steph Curry and LeBron James into your fantasy team, week in and week out. Don’t you think everybody else is doing this too? By choosing the predictable players as most fantasy players do, sure you may accumulate reasonable points, but you won’t distinguish yourself from the crowd.

This strategy applies to all fantasy sports betting leagues, whether it is basketball, soccer, American football, or even fantasy hockey. You don’t want to select the most probable and most likely players from week to week. While it may take additional research and time on your part to find some diamonds in the rough, the long term potential results will be well worth it.

Choose a Sport You Enjoy

Like most things in life, unless you enjoy what you are doing it will eventually become stale and you’ll resent what you are doing. This is exactly the same for fantasy sports betting, and in fact, this would be right up there as one of the easy fantasy sports betting strategies. That is because it doesn’t take any complex strategy, it just requires recognition on your part to know which sport you enjoy.

This is especially true if you are playing season-long fantasy sports betting leagues, for you will need to research week in and week out as well as watch the news, and even watch the actual games for the events you’re betting on. Let’s be perfectly honest, you won’t want to do this all the time, and you won’t be motivated to do it unless you have a burning passion for the sport that you choose.

Participate in Head to Head Games

This is another strategy designed with the sole purpose of helping you to be more successful with your fantasy sports bets. If you are constantly playing in season-long leagues or even larger leagues amongst friends, the chances that you are going to make any money from it aren’t fantastic. 

This is where the head to head strategy can truly help you out. Of course, when betting head to head in fantasy leagues, you are just going up against one other player. Let us tell you when there’s just one other player to beat rather than hundreds or even thousands of players, the odds become much more in your favor. 

Look Out for DFS Promotions

That’s right - just like you find at regular sportsbooks, there are fantasy platforms that reward players with repeat bonuses, and these can be used to enter contests or to buy players with free cash. These promotions don’t come around all the time, but be sure to take advantage of them at the top sportsbooks when they do.

Also if you are a first-time player, you could get the chance at a rather handy welcome bonus at many of the top fantasy sports betting sites. These promotions aren’t going to make you rich overnight, or make you insanely more successful, but they are a way to help you get involved with leagues and head to head events without investing loads of your own money.

DFS - in Conclusion

By now you should feel equipped and confident with these strategies to go out and take on the fantasy sports betting world. If you don’t however, don’t worry, for you may just need a few weeks to put the strategies from our beginner's guide to fantasy sports into action.

This is perfectly understandable and reasonable if you are new to fantasy sports betting, but as we always say, there is no time like the present to get stuck in and see how well you can do. Keep these tips and strategies in mind when you are starting your fantasy sports betting adventures, and you won’t go too far wrong!

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