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A Strategy Guide to Winning Golf Betting Online


Although golf has been a major sport for bettors over the years, the increasing number of markets being offered by bookmakers continuously creates more opportunities for American bettors to turn their bets into profit.

Here, we provide you with a strategy on how to bet on golf and win.

1. Get to Know the Competitors

The first thing you want to look into is the current form of the golfers playing in the upcoming tournaments.

Golf tournaments usually include 100+ competitors, so it is advisable to start with a low number of players and study their individual form closely. If you don’t like the look of your chosen golfers, move on to another set until you find the right player to place your wager on.

We recommended that you look at the previous 5 tournaments and see how they have performed. This will give you a better feeling of how they are going to perform and whether or not they will compete for the trophy.

2. Study Course Form

Both the PGA and European tours take place at different golf clubs across the world, and these are used year after year. It is important to research each players performance at these courses over the past few years.

Each course on the tours are different. Some have narrow fairways demanding accuracy off of the tee, whereas others are severely affected by the weather (for example, "Links" courses). Some golfers may have superb accuracy with their driver and are able to hit every fairway, whereas other players may look to hit the ball as far as they can to increase their chances of carding the lowest score possible. 

Certain traits are perfect for different courses on the tour – make sure you know which one fits best!

3. Understand the Rules

Make sure you spend enough time learning the rules of golf tournaments.

The major factor effecting all competitors is the cut. After the first two rounds of a tournament, a certain number of players are withdrawn because they have not recorded a low enough score. For example, they may be 3 over par, but the cut was 1 over par.

Players who regularly make the cut are the ones to focus on when we are betting on golf. These players are very likely to be playing in the final two rounds, which gives us the opportunity of having successful bets.

4. Learn the Markets

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of markets to choose from in golf betting.  Please look into each one and see which appeals to you the most – your research will help you with your decision.

If you are new to golf betting, why don’t you head over to our portal and read the golf betting markets article to gain a better understanding of what markets are available to us.

5. Multiple Winners?

Golf is a completely individual sport (much like tennis). There are no teammates to help motivate you or carry you through the bad times.

Therefore, we recommend that if you are going to bet on the winner of a tournament, you should be selecting multiple winners.

The odds are always in your favor (because your golfer is competing against 100 others), but if we carefully select a number of potential winners, it increases our probability of being successful.

6. Look at the Less Common Markets

The market that recreational and experienced bettors use the most is the "To Win" market, as this will provide the biggest pay out if you win.

However, if you want to be successful in golf betting over a longer period, you should consider other markets that won’t pay out as much, and you are more likely to win.

A selection of these markets are highlighted below:

  • Top 10/20 finish.
  • Top Nationality.
  • 3 Ball Group Betting.

All of these markets are explained fully in the golf betting markets article.

7. A Common Mistake to Avoid

Inexperienced bettors in golf tend to follow the crowd and place wagers on the most well-known golfers or the favorites for the upcoming tournament. 

Sportsbooks love this, because they know the majority of bettors won’t follow this 10-step guide and spend large amounts of money on golfers who may be completely out of form.

Be sure to carry out extensive research so you can avoid this mistake!

8. Record your Betting History

Always keep a detailed record of your betting history, as it is a crucial component to being profitable in the long term.

A comprehensive record will help you understand the losses you incur, and it will also keep a track of your profit/loss and return on investment.

9. Choose your Sportsbook Carefully

Always choose your betting sportsbook carefully. 

Experienced bettors use a number of bookmakers at one time. We recommend beginners to do the same thing as there are a number of advantages to doing so – mainly the varying odds that are offered.

Our portal also highlights the Best Betting Sites for American bettors, so head over there are make your decision.

10. Let’s Start Betting!

Finally, it is time to start putting your research and this strategy to the test and begin betting on golf!  Choose your bets wisely, follow specific staking plans and let’s start winning!

We want you to bet on golf and win, so stick to the strategies in this article to help you beat the bookies.

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