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Online Horse Racing Betting Strategies


How to bet on horse racing betting and win? It’s a question many want answering, which is why we’ve developed this piece. Originating back in the UK centuries ago, horse racing betting has stood the test of time and is still a favorite amongst punters all over the world. Given how popular it is at online bookmakers, it’s no wonder people are often searching for horse racing betting strategies to give them that edge.  If you are new to horse race betting, it might be best to review our beginner's guide to horse race betting before you have a go at our more advanced strategies.

We’ve built a list of 5 recommended strategies than can give you a better chance of success with your horse racing bets. There are many strategies to winning on horse racing bets, but we’ve focused on the best. 

First things first, however - you must know how to find the right resource to make your horse racing bets.

1. Choose a Top Sportsbook 

Before we even get into the strategies, it is vital that you search hard for some of the top online sportsbooks available. These online platforms are where you will get better odds, more extravagant bonuses, a wider selection of horse races to bet on, and other vital benefits.

These days online sportsbooks have made it super easy to create an account, and you can literally find one, create an account, and be making your first horse racing bets within minutes. Many even have a native mobile app, meaning that you can place your horse racing bets on-the-go.

Now that you’ve squeezed past this step, it’s time to identify the methods that will help you with your horse racing betting.

2. Take Advantage of Promotions

You’ll notice here why we listed finding a top sportsbook as your initial step in your horse racing betting endeavors. The best sportsbooks out there advertise many different promotions for horse racing such as guaranteed best odds, extra place bets, boosted odds, and so much more with reputable online betting sites. 

These don’t just come around every week or so either - they are available almost on a daily basis. This is a way for you to place your bets using free cash on occasion and generally turn the odds in your favor without needing to invest a huge amount of money. Do note that the best bonuses and promotions tend to emerge at the time of major horse racing events such as The Grand National or The Kentucky Derby.

Pay close attention to your betting accounts around the time of these events, as we would hate for you to miss out on the top promotions of the year.

3. Follow the Points System

This is a horse racing betting strategy that many bettors use, as it is a way to accurately predict the form of certain horses and develop a better picture of what the outcome of an upcoming race may be. 

When you are using the points system, you basically look at the previous three races for any horse and score them before they take part in the upcoming race. You should jot down 5 points for a win, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd, and 1 point for any 4th place finish. This is a way for you to see the form of every individual horse that is taking part, and it can help you to decide on what bets to place.

To take things a step further, you can then compare the total points that you have tallied up for each horse, and then see how this number of points matches up with the general odds that a bookmaker has provided for the horse. If you see that a horse has scored quite highly when following the points system, and you then see favorable odds for this horse before a race, it could be a good move to bet on this horse.

4. The Dutching System - Basic

Dutching isn’t one of those easy horse racing betting strategies, as it involves complex math and spreadsheets, but we will leave this for the professionals. For general sports bettors, you can still use the principles of this method in order to turn the odds in your favor.

A popular strategy that takes from Dutching is as follows: you look at the number of horses during a race that has odds between 4.00 and 11.00. Say that a race has 10 horses or more, you must choose 6 horses that fall between these odds, and spread an even amount of money across these horses.

For example, if you have £60 that you have budgeted for a race, you could bet £10 on each particular horse. This method isn’t risk-free at all, but if any of the horses that you have picked win the race, you will lock in a small profit. The problem that many horse racing bettors ask themselves with this method is whether they are willing to try and lock in a small profit time after time, or whether they just go for a larger win, but a riskier bet.

5. Seek Out the Underdog

The nature of horse racing betting means that it is much more likely for an upset to happen, or for a result to occur that goes completely against the form book. Horses can fall, jockeys could have an off day, the weather can impact the result - anything can happen.

By betting on an underdog during a race, you can wager less money with the potential for a greater payout if this bet is successful. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed, but what sports bet is? Many of the online sites you'll come across have their own introductory guide to sports betting too, meaning that even if you are brand new to the equine racing world, you can find help.

How to bet on horse racing betting to win?  Use the strategies identified here, and happy horse racing betting to all.


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