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How to Bet On Ice Hockey to Win


Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world, and that is because it can be a very lucrative betting avenue. The leading competition in the world of ice hockey is the NHL, and bettors flock in their millions on a daily basis to stake money on the top competition in North America.

Gamblers are always asking how to bet on ice hockey and win, and in truth, there is no guaranteed successful way of achieving that. Instead, bettors must follow tips to ensure that they can place the most educated bet that can give them the very best chance of winning in their online sports betting. There are some easy ice hockey betting strategies that can be used with the top online sportsbooks. To take advantage and use an ice hockey betting strategy, gamblers must be first away of how the NHL works.

How Does The Stanley Cup Work?

The Stanley Cup is the pinnacle of the NHL season. It is the final phase of the season for the two teams that have managed to get that far, as they do battle in a best of seven series. The team playing at home is different with every match. The format is a true survival of the fittest, as the team that wins the Stanley Cup have truly deserved it.

However, there are tips to know when it comes to how to bet on ice hockey to win. The Stanley Cup betting is the most extensive around, with various examples of how to wager being found in the beginner’s guide to ice hockey betting. To even reach the Stanley Cup Finals, teams have to win their respective conferences which consist of another three rounds of best of seven action. However, when it comes to the Stanley Cup, there are aspects that bettors should be keeping an eye on.

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Time On The Ice

The most important aspect that gamblers should take into consideration before placing a bet on the Stanley Cup is the amount of time that both sides have spent on the ice throughout the post-season. It is an important line to tread, as gamblers will want to bet on the team that haven’t been on the ice too much, but also have been on the ice long enough.

If they haven’t been on the ice for long enough, then they could be a little rusty and lethargic when they appear again. Meanwhile, gamblers don’t want them to have spent too much time on the ice as they will look tired and the opposing team may run all over them. It’s always important to look back at the post-season results before choosing the strategies to winning on ice hockey bets.

Home Ice Advantage

This is possibly where most wagerers believe the winners of the Stanley Cup are ultimately decided. The team that has gained the best record from the regular season will have the home advantage in the final game of the series, which is vital should the series get to that point. Gamblers believe that the team that can have that advantage in the final game will ultimately be the one that will win the series should it get that far.

The betting avenue for the Stanley Cup is always unpredictable, as bettors will have to determine the team that they believe will win the competition while also taking into account how straightforward their potential route to the final is. The betting for the Stanley Cup changes throughout the season so the gamblers timing is crucial to deciding how much profit they can claim from the bet. If they make their bet at the right time, then the stake could be huge. However, if you wait until too late, then the opportunity for profit could be gone.

Head To Head Record

The previous meetings between the sides could give the punter an excellent insight into how the match may end up. These records will show the team that have been dominant in the past and could show potential trends to the gambler that they can bet on. That will include a team that could have won the previous five meetings. Should that trend be found by the gambler, then that could open up a possible betting avenue.

As well as that, these previous meetings will highlight the average goals that both teams score in the fixture. For the Stanley Cup, this is an important factor, as gamblers could place wagers on the over and under markets. The Stanley Cup finals are often full of upsets, which means there could be a lot of goals. Punters can also look into previous meetings between the two from the post-season as this would highlight the team that has been dominant when the pressure has been on.

Team News

The forward players in the NHL are the highest paid for a reason. These stars will be the difference between a team that can win the Stanley Cup and those that will just be happy to make it to the post-season. That means when it comes to betting on the Stanley Cup, an injury to a star forward could make betting on them a poor option.

Bettors will have to make sure that they know the latest squad news before placing their bet to ensure that they aren’t disappointed when they bet on a team before finding out that their top scorer for the season is missing through a knock. Should bettors take advantage of all these tips, then they could be on their way to some profit.

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