A Beginner's Guide To Rugby Union Betting Online

This is a big year for rugby union betting with the upcoming World Cup coming live from Japan in October likely to open up the sport to a brand new audience in Asia.  Rugby betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling with bookmakers, but if you aren't the most confident and struggle to understand particular betting markets, then you can learn more here.

Rugby Union Betting Markets

There are a wide variety of markets available when it comes to rugby union betting, and while some of them are straightforward, there are also a few that need further explanation.

Match Betting

The most straightforward method of rugby betting in union is through match betting. This comes in the 1X2 format, and the punter lays a stake on the team they believe will win. The option for a draw is open, but it is a rarity in the sport. The '1' option is the home team, while the '2' is the away team. For instance, if New Zealand are hosting Australia, you would select '1' if you think New Zealand will win. The bet is a winning punt as long as your selection wins.

Total Points Betting

When it comes to online rugby betting, the total points market is one of the easiest to understand. The bookmaker would ask whether there will be over or under a certain amount of points. The punter would then put their stake on either over or under, and the bet will be settled following the match. These are usually a figure such as 60.5, so if you bet it will be over; there will need to be at least 61 points in the match. For instance, if you place a bet that it will be over this threshold and the final score between England and Italy is 45-25, the bet will be a winner.

First Try-Scorer Betting

The best way to press home your advantage is by scoring a try, and there is always a market for this on rugby union sportsbooks. As the punter, you would lay a stake on the player that you believe will score the first try in the match, and the bet will be settled when the first try is scored. If your player is the one to get it, then the bet is a winner, if not the bet is a loser. However, you can also opt to put an anytime try-scorer bet, which means the player that you opt for just needs to score a try in the match.

Other Rugby Betting Markets

Double Result

This is a good insurance bet, where you can have two options on the match bet. For instance, you could have a home win or draw. The bet is a winner as long as the away team doesn't win.

Half Time/Full Time

This is one of the most difficult betting markets as you would have to correctly predict the winning team at half time, and the team that will be winning when the full-time whistle blows.

Team Tries

On this bet, you can wager how many tries each team will score.

What Is Handicap Betting in Rugby?

One of the most popular ways to bet on rugby union is the handicap market. This is because there is typically a clear difference in quality between sides that are playing. In this market, the favoured team will start with a deficit, while the outsider will start with an advantage. For instance, in a fixture between England and Italy, the handicap will be placed at -34 for England. If you bet on England with this handicap, then they will have to win by at least 35 points.

What Is A Rugby Accumulator?

When it comes to rugby betting, one of the most popular ways to bet is by combining multiple singles into one longer bet; called an accumulator. This would typically consist of numerous teams winning their matches in the 1X2 market. It is incredibly lucrative as all of the selections must win for the bet to be a winning one. If one team loses in the accumulator, then the bet is a losing one. Punters could opt to instead bet on a Lucky 15 or a Yankee. These consist of multiple doubles and trebles and offer good insurance if just one selection loses.

Rugby Union World Cup 2019

The upcoming Rugby World Cup is the biggest event on the calendar, and there are various ways to take advantage of online rugby betting. The most popular is the outright winner market, where the punter can lay a stake on the team that will win the competition. The bet is a winner as long as your selection wins the tournament. You can also have an each-way stake on this bet, which means you will get 1/3 odds.

Along with the outright winner, you can also place a bet on the teams that will win the respective pools, as well as match bets on the individual matches throughout the competition. You can also place a bet on the two teams that will compete in the final, top try-scorer and even the continent of the winning team.

General Rugby Union Betting Advice

Read Form

The form of teams is essential and will give an insight into which team has the best chance of winning.

Head to Head

Before betting on a rugby fixture be sure to look up past results between the teams. This could offer an interesting betting avenue.

Welcome Offers

Online rugby betting is incredibly lucrative, and you must take advantage of the wide range of welcome offers at the beginning of your betting journey to offer you the best chance of getting ahead early.

Next Steps - Play For Real Money

Once you've understood all the different betting options, you can begin betting on some of the biggest rugby fixtures. Be sure to follow the general advice, and you will have an enjoyable experience.

It is always encouraged that while you're learning, you should begin betting with smaller amounts on markets that you understand. 

Once you are more confident, begin to gradually increase the stake and try out new markets that are available on the respective rugby sportsbooks.

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