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Play Onlins Casinos using your Debit Card

Use your Debit card at Online casinos

When you use a debit card online to make your casino payments or cash out your winnings, you can reap many benefits. Firstly, the fees are often lower for debit cards compared to credit cards or wire transfers. They are more widely accepted too. Additionally, your data is kept safe.

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debit card casinoMoving Money with a Debit Card Casino

When you move money in either direction, using your debit card is simple.

First, just log on to your casino website. If you haven’t started playing yet, take some time to review different sites before you commit to one. Then sign up for a free account.

After you have your account, make your way to the money section, sometimes called the cashier section. Here you can pick deposit or withdraw, depending on what course of action you want to take. Select the card type you are going to use. Your card will have two pieces of identifying information on it: first is the logo from the branded company and the second is the name of the issuing financial institution. The branded logo might be Visa or MasterCard while the issuing institution is your bank or the bank that gave you the card. Find the option or icon for the branded logo.

Enter your data. You will likely need to confirm all of the details on the card before you process anything when it is your first time. After that, you can choose to have that card saved on file. Select the amount of money you want to process in either direction and then confirm the process.

Transfer Times Using your Card

When you use your card the transfer times for deposits are typically instantaneous, but the withdrawals will take longer. Your card company does not have to process a payment with as much scrutiny and time as they have to process money coming in. After all, your card is designed to be used. You can find information on the website for the online debit card casino that references how long they take to process things on their end, and how long customers on average have to wait for things to be processed on the opposite end.

Customer Support

If you choose to use your card you will get great customer service. Many card companies will work with you directly but they will also use local banks that have obtained a license to distribute their card with their logo. That is why your debit card or credit card has the logo of another financial institution like Mastercard or VISA.  So, if there are problems you will probably have to go to the issuing financial institution where you will get personalized service. However, if you want to contact the financial institution directly because your local bank or local financial branch doesn't give you the support you need, you can always visit their website and use the contact us page to get a hold of them or search for questions and answers under the FAQ section of their website.

Advantages to Using Your Card at Online Casinos

There are many advantages to using your card at online casinos.

  • The first is that these cards are widely accepted as a payment option. The brands have grown over the years and are now accepted throughout almost all online stores and online casinos.
  • When you use your card all of your information is kept confidential so you can rest assured that you are using a safe and secure method for depositing your money.
  • With this payment method, you are also able to withdrawal a larger amount of money and deposit a larger amount of money without facing huge fees.
  • As you use your card you also benefit from other perks. With this payment option, you might get different benefits specific to your card such as cash back value for every dollar you spend. This is great if you are already planning on depositing a certain amount of money at an online casino because you might get 5% of that total value back.

When using your card at online casinos you should be aware of a few things:

  • The first is that there might be charges. When you are performing a transaction, as with most cards, there might be a small fee. The amount of money you spend on this fee is contingent upon the type of card you are going to use.
  • Not all casinos will let you withdrawal to your card. You want to verify which casinos have which limitations before you sign up and make your deposit. Nothing is going to be more frustrating than signing up with a new website only to find out that they don't support withdrawals from your particular payment method.
  • There are strict gambling regulations in different countries like the United States and if you try to use certain branded cards they might not work.

Why Use Your Debit Card Online

When you are gambling online you can use debit cards or credit cards, even prepaid cards to not only make deposits but enjoy withdrawals. Using a card over a bank transfer is actually a bit safer in comparison because cards typically have more protection for users. On the off chance that the casino you are using refuses to pay out your winnings, for example, you can turn to the bank to help you get back that lost money.

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