Using Your MasterCard Credit Card for Online Gambling

MasterCard is one of the best choices for online casinos. MasterCard is accepted at almost all casinos online and many casinos let you not only make withdrawals but deposits with your MasterCard.  So, if you want to choose one card to use primarily for online gambling you are better off with a MasterCard. Other cards with different company logos might allow you to make deposits but not withdrawals.

When you use a MasterCard for your gambling needs, you are incredibly safe because the card issuer and the MasterCard Company have very high-security measures to protect your information against identity theft and fraud. Obviously, it is in your best interest to look over any account statements you have on a monthly basis just to make sure that everything is covered. If you notice anything odd or out of place obviously report that immediately.

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About MasterCard

MasterCard is a great payment option for those who want to make payments at online casinos. MasterCard was established back in 1966 and remains a highly reputable payment method accepted in over 210 countries around the world and offered by more than 25 companies. Getting a MasterCard means applying for one at whatever bank you use, so long as your bank supports the MasterCard logo.

Playing at MasterCard Casinos

If you love the online gambling experience, and you want to be able to do it more often, then MasterCard Casinos are what you need. You can gamble at top tier casinos and it will make things much easier for deposits and withdrawals. Place bets at your favorite virtual craps table, bet on max before hitting your spin button while playing your favorite slot, and watch the roulette reel turn.

Using your MasterCard means easy withdrawals and deposits. It also means taking advantage of larger welcome bonuses specific for cardholders. With the Mastercard, you can deposit larger sums of money and enjoy wins from online Mastercard casinos with great payout percentages. Moreover, MasterCard is known for its excellent customer service so if there are any issues, someone will be there to help.

MasterCard Options

When you use your card to fund your online casino, you can choose between one of three card types:

  1. Credit Card

    A MasterCard credit card is a generic credit card which you can obtain from many financial institutions around the world. If this is what you want, be prepared to look for three varieties:  Standard, World, and World Elite. The World Elite has very appealing benefits for big spenders but the standard card has an extended warranty, zero liability protection, and ID theft protection which is well suited to online gamblers. The interest on such cards is going to depend on which financial institution is supplying the card.

  2. Debit Card

    The debit cards have the same amenities and advantages users would reap with MasterCard but it is not on credit—it is tied to your bank account. So money comes right from your bank and you never have to worry about making timely payments.

  3. Prepaid Card

    These are cards that you buy from a store, online, or at certain banks. You may need to provide identification and proof of address when you apply. Once you are approved (this is fast and simple) then you can activate the new card and register. Most of these work just like a debit card for your MasterCard payments. You load money onto them and then use that money like a debit card until it runs out. Then you just put more money on it. Sometimes people give MasterCard Gift Cards as a gift. They are pre-loaded and technically a prepaid card offered by a third party. You can use the gift amount on the card and subsequently reload it if you want to continue gambling.

Why Use MasterCard Casinos

When you use a MasterCard casino you will pay limited fees with your debit card or prepaid card. These limited fees are more appealing compared to the fees you would be charged for using a credit card. Moreover, using the latter two forms of cards means the opportunity to load winnings back onto the card whereas credit cards might not allow this.

With MasterCard credit card payments, you are eligible for welcome bonuses when you load money for the first time. Use of this card extends around the world so there might be certain gambling sites that do not accept local banks, or foreign banks, or money orders, but they will accept any card with this logo on it.

Once you have signed up for a site, the process of depositing or withdrawing funds is easy. You go to the cashier section of the casino site and from there, pick the MasterCard logo or button under the deposits page. Simply fill out your card details and the amount you wish to deposit. Money should be available instantly. If you are a big winner on the same site, you can reverse the process and use their withdraw page to take your winnings from your account and put them back onto the card. Select the MasterCard option, determine how much money you want to move, and approve the transfer. Deposits should be available instantly while withdraws are processed by the financial institution which issued your card, so it is going to be based on their processing times. You can always ask them before you start playing.

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