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Online Baseball Betting Types


Sportsbooks are continuously adding new and exciting betting markets as the demand for online baseball betting keeps increasing.  There are now plenty of opportunities for baseball bettors to increase their chances of beating the bookmaker and earning that well deserved pay-out!  If you are new to online betting, especially baseball betting, it might be useful to read over GamblersBet's guide to online baseball betting

The following article will provide detailed information regarding a number of these betting types available when betting baseball online.

Most Popular Baseball Markets

With a total of 2430 games throughout a Major League Baseball (MLB) season, and 100+ markets offered by online sportsbooks, there are almost endless ways that bettors can play each individual game. The markets that most of the bettors’ money is spent on, especially by beginners, are highlighted below.


Moneyline gives you the choice of who will win the match-up outright. There are no tie games in baseball. The game will continue until there is a winner, even if it takes 20+ innings.  Many bettors use this market when they believe an underdog can win the game, as the odds offered are much more favorable.

Run Line

Unlike Basketball and Football, Baseball is a much lower scoring game, which is shown in the Run Line market. Sportsbooks offer +/- 1.5 as their Run Line total. This is due to Baseball being a closely contested sport. However, if you think a game will be a blow out for one team, then sportsbooks do offer an alternative Run Line market. Here, you can back a team at -3.5 at much higher odds and if successful, a larger pay-out.

This market is preferred by bettors because of the higher odds compared to the Moneyline market, especially for the favored teams.


Another market rising in popularity is over/under the combined total of runs scored in a game.  With many factors that can affect an overall total (park, weather, pitcher etc), bettors can predict the total outcome with a degree of certainty and with the right research, it can provide an edge for you against your bookmaker.

The totals offered by sportsbooks can vary quite a lot, ranging from over/under 6.5 (two excellent pitchers facing off in a pitcher friendly stadium) to over/under 14.5 (two back-up pitchers playing at a notoriously hitter friendly stadium like Coors Field in Denver, Colorado).

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Other Baseball Betting Types to Consider

With over 100 betting markets on offer, we can play a game in a number of different ways compared to the conventional ones above.

Please see below for a selection of other markets to consider when betting on Baseball online.

1st Inning Hits/Runs

This market allows you to choose if there will be over/under a number of hits or runs recorded during the first inning. If one or both teams are fast starters, then there is definite value when betting on this market.

Race to (runs)

Another market related to the number of runs scored. Here, you have the option to pick the Yankees to reach 5 total runs scored before the Red Sox. You can also choose neither team to reach that total – perfect for when teams with poor offensive records come up against very good starting pitchers.

Extra Innings

Will both teams be even following the bottom of the 9th inning and require an additional inning to determine the eventual winner?

The odds and potential pay-out are massive in this market, and with many baseball games being closely fought contests, the possibility of a 10th inning cannot be ruled out.

Proposition “Prop” Betting

Prop betting involves placing a bet on whether something will/will not happen during the course of a game. They are based around an individual or team performance that doesn’t affect the overall outcome of a game.

Examples can be seen below:

  • Player Props – these bets relate to pitchers and batters. How many strikeouts, hits or earned runs will the starting pitcher have/allow. How many runs, singles, doubles, triples or home runs will a batter record during the game.
  • Team Props – this is based on an overall teams’ performance. The main markets include the number of runs/hits by the home/away team, or the team with the highest scoring inning.

Futures and Outrights

Future and outright betting markets involve specific outcomes during the course of the baseball season. The below markets are based on the most popular baseball competition – the MLB.

  • World Series Winner – which team will progress through the playoffs and win the final series of the MLB season – The World Series.
  • American League Most Valuable Player – awarded to the outstanding player throughout the American League.
  • National League Most Valuable Player – awarded to the outstanding player throughout the National League.
  • American League CY Young Award – awarded to the best pitcher in the American League.
  • National League CY Young Award – awarded to the best pitcher in the National League.

Live Baseball Betting

With the ever-evolving sportsbooks, many now offer live in-play betting on baseball.  Live betting has become an extremely popular tool for bettors, as they now have the option to place a wager during a game. For example, if they believe a team who is losing can potentially turn it around and win, they can bet on the losing team at much higher odds than at the outset of the game.

Finally, with sportsbooks having solid and fluent cash-out options, bettors can now successfully cash out their wagers quickly for a profit or loss, depending on how the game is playing out.


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