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Online Baseball Betting Strategies


Baseball is a hugely popular sport throughout the world, with a large number of people watching it, playing it, and also betting on it.

If you are interested in starting to place wagers on baseball or are already enjoying betting on this sport, we have a fascinating article here to help with your strategy. Below, have highlighted 10 ways to help you to win when betting on aseball online!

1. Decide on Your Bookmaker

At the top of your list should be to decide on which bookmaker you will start betting with. There are a huge number of online sportsbooks out there for you to look into. This can be a very daunting task, so why don’t you head over to and check out our Baseball Top Betting Sites article for American bettors and see which ones we recommend.

Most sportsbooks offer different odds, so be sure to look at which sites provide the most value for your bets.

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2. Learn the Ins and Outs of Baseball

If you are new to betting on Baseball, we suggest that you take some time to fully research the sport. Our Baseball Betting Guide is intended for the complete baseball beginner,  This way, you will gain sufficient knowledge about baseball, giving you a better idea of which bets to place.

Familiarise yourself with each individual team, and make sure you know their strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Atlanta Braves may have a fantastic batting line up, but mediocre pitchers, and so on.  Gaining a deep understanding of the game will help to determine how a game could end up.

3. Understand the Betting Terms and Markets

As with all sports, Baseball has its own peculiar terms when it comes to betting, so please be aware of the differences in these and also the various markets offered by sportsbooks.

The main markets for baseball betting are the Run Line, Moneyline and Over/Under Totals. With bookmakers priding themselves on offering a huge number of baseball betting types for every single game, they are not always correct when pricing them up. The lesser known markets are a perfect way of finding your edge against the sportsbook.

To gain a better understanding of these terms and markets, please head over to and read through our articles related to Baseball.

4. Is There Value?

Whenever you are betting on Baseball, you must always look for the most valuable bets. This way, you will be successful in the long term.  For example, someone who always bets on the favorite to win will have a higher percentage of successful bets but will actually lose money during the course of a season. This is due to the very short odds that are placed on favoured teams.  This is when you should consider other markets to help create the value.

5. Bet on What You Know

When starting your journey into Baseball betting, it is always recommended that you start betting on what you know. If you are familiar with a selection of teams in the MLB, concentrate your early wagers on these teams, as you have a better opportunity to select winning bets.

The majority of bettors just jump in and make multiple bets to try and win the most amount of money they can, and these bettors will inevitably lose most, if not all, of their money!

6. Learn What You Don’t Know

Once you have become familiar with the different markets on offer and have placed a few wagers on the teams that you know, it is time to start developing your knowledge in what you don’t know. 

Start researching the teams you are unfamiliar with, to gain a better understanding of the whole league. This will allow you to attack more games in the season, creating more opportunities to win and make more money.

7. Develop Specialist Strategies

The majority of successful bettors out there have developed strategies based on statistical analysis to help give them an edge over their bookmaker. We recommend that you do something similar, as we are trying to help you to win!

In baseball, there are a number of factors that you should consider when looking at which bet to place. These include:

  • Weather – wind direction and temperature.
  • Starting Pitcher – how many runs are they allowing per inning.
  • Batting Lineup – what is their batting average and how do they play against right or left handed pitchers.
  • Runs for/against – how many runs are scored and conceded on average by each team.
  • Ballpark – is it a hitter or pitcher friendly stadium.

Looking into all of these factors can help you in your decision of the outcome of the game.

8. Note Down Your Bets

It is paramount that you keep a detailed record of all of your bets. Sometimes there is a specific reason as to why you may have lost that bet, and if you make a note of this, then it will help you with your future bets.

9. Avoid These Common Mistakes

Many bettors follow their heart when it comes to betting. They place a wager on their favorite team without considering the opposition. This is a common mistake that people make during their betting career, and if you are looking at being profitable in the long term (which we hope you are), then please carry out your research and bet with your head after making rational decisions.

Another common mistake by the betting population, is chasing their losses. If you have been on a losing run, please do not try and bet big on the next one to make up for what you have lost. Always stick to your staking plan.

10. Is it Time to Quit?

The aim is to not get carried away if you are winning and also do not get too down if you are losing. Betting is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable activity!

10 ways to help you to win when betting on Baseball online - Time to start hitting it outa the park!

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