Boxing Bet Types


Boxing Betting TypesOne of the most lucrative betting opportunities open to punters is the big boxing fights. These bouts typically come around thick and fast, so it is always worth knowing about all the markets that are open to bettors before the event takes place. Check out the beginners guide to betting on boxing if you are a novice, because the heavyweight scene has never been more vibrant and competitive than it is right now.  With top-class fighters in the other weight categories too, there is always an opportunity for a good wager on a top sportsbook.

The boxing betting markets that are available to fans are unlike any other sport, and with that comes a lot of new information that bettors must learn about before making their first bet on the sport. Here are the most interesting boxing betting types open to fight fans.

Match Odds

Much like with most sports, the most straightforward betting market open to gamblers is the match odds bet type. Here the bettor can simply place a stake on the winning fighter from a particular bout. There will be three options available, which also means that the draw is a betting option. However, the draw is typically the option with the highest price. It is a straightforward win or lose for the bettor on this market. For example, in a bout between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr, the wagerer can put money on Joshua to win. If he does, then the bet is a winning one, but if he loses, then the stake is lost.

Round Betting

One of the more unique boxing bet types is the round betting. It allows bettors  to combine the fighter that they believe will win the fight and the round in which they will achieve the victory. This bet type doesn't need to be correct on the method of victory; instead, it is just the round and fighter combination. For example, in the Ruiz and Joshua fight, you could put a wager on Joshua to win in round 11. If he wins the fight in this round then the bet is a winner, but if he doesn't, then the stake is lost and the bet is a losing one. It can be an incredibly lucrative boxing bet type.

Method of Victory Betting

There are multiple ways that a fighter can win a fight, and that is highlighted in the method of victory betting market. Once again, you need to pick which fighter you believe will win the bout, but this time you combine that fighter with the method. After selecting the fighter that will win, you can then place the stake on whether they will win on points or by KO/TKO. You can also put a wager on the draw if you wanted to. For example, for the same fight that we have used throughout; you can place a bet on Ruiz to win on points. If he does, then the bet is a winner, but if he doesn't and instead wins by KO, then the stake is lost.

Group Round Betting

A good insurance bet to place on the big fights can be found in the group round betting market. Unlike the round betting, you can group together numerous rounds. For example, you can have the winning fighter and then the rounds in which you think they will win. Most bookmakers group these in three, so you could bet on 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 or 10-12. The bet is a winner if the chosen fighter wins between the rounds that you have bet on. There are also markets with alternative round betting, which will either be fewer rounds or more in the designated betting sections.

Will The Fight Go The Distance Betting

One of the most interesting elements to boxing is whether the fight will go the distance and to the judges' scorecards. The betting market for this allows the bettor to put a simple stake on yes or no, and the bet is then decided once it ends. If you put the stake on yes and the fight goes to the scorecards, then it is a winning bet. If not, then the stake is lost.

Gone in 60 Seconds Betting

The most unique boxing betting market that you can find online is the 'Gone in 60 Seconds' market. It isn't a difficult one to understand, and once again, the bettor put a stake on either yes or no; depending on whether they believe the fight will be over within a minute. The bet is straightforward win or lose and is settled after the 60 seconds have passed by. If you stake yes and the fight ends at 1:01, then the bet is a losing stake. But, if it ends before the 60 seconds, then the bet is a winner.

What Round Will The Fight End Betting

This market is very similar to the round betting market. However, the one big difference is that the wagerer doesn't need to put the winning fighter in the bet and instead just bets on the round the fight will end. It doesn't matter which fighter wins as long as the round that you have placed a bet on is the one when the bout ends.

Will Both Fighters Be Knocked Down Betting

This is one of the most straightforward betting types available to boxing, and gamblers have only one option that they can place a bet on. Bettors can choose to say yes to this, and should both fighters be knocked down during the fight then the bet is a winner. This is typically a very lucrative betting option in the heavyweight division.

The Final Round

Being at ringside or watching on pay-for-view, there isn't another sport like boxing, and with all the bet types available, you have as many exciting moments betting online as you will watching the fight itself!

To your corners, and come out betting on boxing! Be ready to rumble!

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