A Beginner’s Guide to Online Boxing Betting

Guide to Online Boxing BettingNo sport in the world is as prominent in the betting market as boxing. There is no offseason in the world of boxing, with big fights happening every weekend. This means that it is one of the best sports for maximising your potential returns. Here are just some of the markets that you could expect to find when betting on boxing.

General Boxing Betting Advice

The most important aspect to consider before betting on boxing is the recent form of the fighters. Look into how they have performed and how the fights have ended. Both of these aspects could have an impact on the type of bet that you place.

Read up on the latest news from the press conferences and how the fighters are performing in sparring sessions. Both of these aspects could be crucial before the big fight.

Welcome Offers
Online boxing betting is enormously popular, and one of the many reasons for this is the welcome offers and promotions. Here, you can maximise your returns from your first bet.

What Is An Accumulator?

One of the best ways to enjoy a night of boxing is by betting on every fight on the card. The most straightforward way of doing this is by putting each fight result in a longer-formed bet called an accumulator. However, all selections must-win for the bet to be a winner. If one selection lets you down, then the stake is lost.

Boxing Betting Markets

Since boxing is unlike sports such as football and tennis, there are a wide variety of markets that punters must learn about before placing their first bet. Here are the main bet type options that you could look into when betting on boxing.

Match Odds
The most straightforward way to bet of boxing is the match odds market. Here you would simply lay your stake on the outcome of the fight. You can either select one of the two fighters or the draw. The draw is incredibly rare in boxing, and this is highlighted by the greater odds.

Round Betting
To maximise your returns on a boxing bet you can choose to place a stake on the fighter that will win, and the round in which they win. On boxing sportsbooks, you will find prices for all possible outcomes on rounds and fighter in this market, including the draw.

Method of Victory
Much like in MMA, there is more than one way in which a boxer can win a fight, and this is something else you can bet on. You can combine the fighter that you believe will win and how they will win. The methods include either points/decision or KO/TKO. For instance, you can lay a stake on Tyson Fury to win by KO/TKO against Otto Wallin. This bet is a winner if the fight ends with this decision if it doesn’t, then the bet is a losing one and the stake is lost.

Will The Fight Go The Distance?
Many online sportsbooks will offer you the chance to lay a boxing stake by answering a simple yes or no question. You can place a stake on ‘no’ for the question, and the bet will be a winner as long as the fight doesn’t go to the scorecards. If it does, then the stake is lost.

Other Boxing Betting Markets

Group Round Betting
In this market, you can group together rounds 1-6 and 7-12 along with the winner of the fight. This ensures that you have a spread of six-rounds for the fighter you have selected to win.

Gone in 60 Seconds
One of the most unlikely ends to a bout is for the fight to be over inside a minute. However, you can bet on which fighter will win within the 60 seconds.

To Be Knocked Down and Win
In this market, you can select the fighter that will be knocked down at any point in the fight, before winning. This is a more attractive market for heavyweight contests as one punch can change the bout.

Best Boxers To Bet On

Tyson Fury
In many people’s eyes, the best heavyweight on the planet is Tyson Fury. The Brit loves putting on a show for the audience, and his bouts are always among the most bet on. His tactical awareness in the ring means that there are always multiple avenues for betting on his fights. He has won eight of his professional fights by decision, and 20 by knockout. He also shocked the world with an against the odds victory over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

Deontay Wilder
The heavyweight scene is as prominent as it has ever been at this moment in time. Wilder is a knockout king in the ring and has won 40 of his 42 fights by way of knockout. He also holds a draw against Tyson Fury on his record, which would have been an incredibly lucrative bet for punters in 2018. Wilder’s fights draw massive crowds, and with that comes a lot of bets.

Vasyl Lomachenko
Away from the heavyweights, the best boxer on the planet according to the pound-for-pound rankings is Vasyl Lomachenko. The Ukrainian is renowned for his speed in the ring and is easily one of the most exciting boxers to watch. He has won ten of his bouts by knockout, and four by decision. The double-Olympic gold medallist is a fighter to watch, and the betting markets are vibrant for his bouts.

Next Steps - Play For Real Money

Once you have understood all the different betting markets that are available for boxing, and how important the research stage is, then you’re ready to bet for real money on a host of boxing sportsbooks.  

With Boxing, like in all sports, remember to place small bets to begin with, and then gradually raise the stake once you’re comfortable with the markets.

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