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Cricket Betting Markets


The popularity of cricket continues to soar, and the number of people watching at least one of the codes is growing every year. This popularity has ensured that the sport allows for a wide variety of betting options at online sportsbooks where you can bet on the top cricketing competitions. This is the same no matter whether you’re looking to bet on T20 or a test match. There are, however, some cricket markets which will only be accessible in one or the other, but we will clearly describe which of the markets you should be aware of. If you find that some of the terms used about cricket and cricket betting in this article are unclear, refer to the beginner's guide to online cricket betting

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Some of the most popular cricket betting markets available are described below.

  • Match Odds

As is the case with every sport, the most straightforward way to place a cricket bet online is in the match odds market. Here, the punter simply predicts which side will win the match itself. The odds will change as the match is in-play, which is extremely noticeable in test cricket. In test cricket, there is also the ability to bet on the test ending in a draw, and also there is a market for the series winner. For the match odds market, punters would simply lay a stake down on the team that will achieve the most runs in the match. The team that scores the most runs are the winners. If you have put a stake on the winning team, you would have won your bet, while if you wagered on the losing side, then the stake would be lost.

  • Top Team Runscorer

The batsman are the real stars of the show in the world of cricket, and these players will be looking t score high numbers of runs to lead their side to a victory. Punters can bet on which player will lead their respective team with the most runs. Meanwhile, punters can also lay a stake on the player they believe will score the most runs out of all batsman. The bet is settled once the match has ended and if the player you have bet on has scored the highest number of runs, then the bet is settled as a winner.

  • Player Total Runs

One of the more unique cricket betting types is by placing a bet on whether a specific player will score higher or lower the benchmark set by the bookmaker. For instance, in a match between Ireland and the Netherlands, the bookmaker may have a market for the total runs from Gareth Delany. The benchmark could be 25.5, and the punter can bet on whether he will score higher or lower that amount. If you bet on higher, then he has to score at least 26 runs for the bet to be a winner, while if you bet lower he has to end the match with 25 or fewer.

  • Runs at First Wicket

Another over/under market is the number of runs at first wicket. Here punters can place a stake on the number of runs that the team will have when they lose their first wicket. The benchmark could be 30.5, and the punter can select whether to bet that the team batting would have scored more or less than that number. If they bet over then, the team batting would have needed to score at least 31 runs, while if they bet lower, then they can’t have scored any more than 30 for the bet to be a winner.

  • To Win The Toss

Before each match in cricket, there is a coin toss to determine which side will bat first. Punters can bet on the team that will win the toss before the game starts. The bet is settled once the winning team has been decided.

  • Draw No Bet

This cricket betting market is typically used in test cricket as these matches could end in a draw due to bad light or weather conditions. This market removes the possibility of a draw from the possible results and punters will lay a stake on which team will win the test. If their team win, then they win the bet, but if they lose, then the bet is also lost. If the match ends in a draw, then the bet is settled as void, and the stake is returned.

  • Team Of Top Batsman

Punters can also lay a stake on the team that will have the player that scored the most runs. The odds aren’t as good in this market compared to when the punter can put money on a single player, but it can be incredibly lucrative. The bettor would win the bet should they have predicted the correct team that has the player that scores the most runs. However, if they bet on the wrong team, then the stake is lost.

  • Man Of The Match Betting

The man of the match accolade in cricket is very prestigious and is part of the post-match ceremonies. Punters can bet on who will be awarded this before the match starts. If the player that is announced at the end as the man of the match is the one that the punter has staked their money on then the bet is a winner. It could be lucrative as punters can choose to wager on any of the players on the field.

  • Outright Betting

Much like with every other sport, bettors can bet an outright bet on the team that will win upcoming tournaments. Some of the top competitions include the Caribbean Premier League, the ICC World Cup, ICC World Twenty20 and the T20 Blast. The bettor will lay a stake on one of the teams in the competition, and it will be settled when the winning side has been determined. If the side that the wagerer has selected wins, then the bet is a winner. Punters can also add an each-way bet on this which means they could also get some profit if their selection finishes second.

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