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A Beginner's Guide To Cricket Betting Online


cricket betting guide



The continuing growth of cricket has been one of the greatest success stories in sport. The history of the sport dates back to the 16th century, and in modern days it has gone from strength to strength. The popularity of the sport ensures that cricket betting is one of the more interesting available at online sportsbooks. Once you have understood the rules and the different codes of the game, then you'll be able to start betting on the sport.



Types of Cricket

Test Cricket

For the diehard cricket fans, this continues to be the pinnacle of the sport. These test matches consist of five days of action and can see play going on from 9 am until 7 pm. It is still considered the purest form of the game, and it does enable online cricket betting to have an array of different options.

Furthermore, the test matches consist of 90 overs per day which is contrasting to that of T20 and ODI. This means that pitch conditions change the longer that play goes on, and weather conditions also have a greater impact on the match. The most famous of test matches is the Ashes Series between England and Australia.

One Day Cricket

The purist’s of the sport still class ODI and T20 as lesser forms, but there are more teams involved in these two types of cricket than in test. These two codes have become particularly popular in the Middle East and Asia. These games are typically played as day-nighters, and each side has a limit of 50 overs, with the winning team being the one that has scored the most runs. The pinnacle of these codes is the ICC Cricket World Cup, which was recently dramatically won by England on the last ball of the match.

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Cricket Betting Markets

Before placing your first stake on cricket betting, you must first evaluate the betting markets that are open for you. You must understand what each of them requires before placing a bet on one of the many cricket sportsbooks.

Series Betting

The best way to bet on test cricket is by putting a stake on the team that you believe will win the overall test match; this is called series betting. It is important to remember that for test matches such as the Ashes, the option of a draw is available. Punters can remove the possibility of a draw from the bet in the Draw No Bet market.

In this market, you can also choose to place a bet on the Series Double Chance. This would mean that you would have insurance on your bet as you could select two possible outcomes. For instance, in the Ashes, you could choose to have Australia & Draw. This means that as long as England don’t win, the bet is a winning one.

Match Betting

Much like with football, basketball and ice hockey, the option to bet on the winner of a particular match is available. This is available on all cricket matches no matter whether it is a test match or T20. The 1X2 market is a very straightforward method of cricket betting. All you will need to do is place a stake on the team that you believe will score the most runs and win the match. The bet is settled once the match has been completed. It is important to remember that the chance of a draw in limited-overs cricket is removed.

Top Match Batsman Betting

Cricket is all about scoring the most runs, and some of the most iconic players in the sport have been batsmen. The market for the top batsman in a specific match is a lucrative way to earn money in cricket betting, but also requires a deeper understanding and research. The punter will lay a stake on the player that they believe will score more runs than anyone else. The bet is settled when the game is over, and the total runs made by all players is finalised.

Other Cricket Betting Options

guide to online cricket bettingMethod of Dismissal

In-play betting has revolutionised sports betting, and this market is an enjoyable way to bet. You can simply put a stake on how the next player is dismissed. You can put a stake on whether that will be LBW, caught, bowled, run out or stumped.

Coin Toss

At the beginning of each match, there is a coin toss to determine which team bats first.

Antepost Betting

You can bet on upcoming competitions before they have even started in ante-post markets. This ensures that you can get the best possible value for competitions such as the World Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy and the Ashes.

Singles or Multiple Betting

Cricket sportsbooks also offer the opportunity for you to combine multiple single selections into one longer formed bet called an accumulator. These are more lucrative as all your selections must win for the bet to be a winning one. There are also Lucky 15’s and Yankees available which offer insurance on the bet to ensure returns even if all your selections don’t win. Accumulators are more popular for combining the results of multiple matches.

General Cricket Betting Advice

Online cricket betting can be incredibly entertaining, but there are factors that you should follow to ensure that you have the best possible chance of winning money.


An essential aspect with any betting is to read up on form and team news before placing a bet.

Understand Rules

It goes without saying but make sure you understand the rules of the sport before betting.

Take Advantage of Offers

The growth in online cricket betting means that there are a host of offers available nowadays. Be sure to take advantage of these and get ahead from your very first day betting.

Next Steps - Play For Real Money

Once you have understood all the different markets and know the difference between test and ODI cricket, then you are ready to begin betting on the biggest events.

As a beginner, it's important to start with what you know, before gradually upping the stakes when your level of understanding grows. 

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