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6 Strategic Steps to Bet On Cricket and Win


Betting on cricket often takes a lot of effort for gamblers, mainly down to the fact that they have to research a cricket betting strategy that can be accurately implemented to secure the best chance of winning. The sport is one of the most popular in the world and with notable events such as The Ashes, T20 World Cup and IPL all prominent, and bettors like to know the easy cricket betting strategies than can ensure winning returns.

When it comes to one method of how to bet on cricket and win, gamblers should look into all the aspects that could have an effect on the match. Here are six strategic keys to help you to placing winning cricket bets.

1. Draws In Test Match Cricket

Test matches are still considered the purest form of the sport by many, and this is where gamblers may find the best success in their betting. It is especially a common way of betting for novices, as it doesn’t involve much knowledge on the sport itself. This strategy involves the punter laying down a stake on the draw in the test match.

The result is a lot more common than many think, and there could be excessive returns throughout the year. The biggest factor that contributes to this is that not all test matches are guaranteed to finish. Should there not be a result, then it will be settled as a draw. This is particularly common when it comes to The Ashes in England, as the weather delays could mean that five days go by without a winner.

2. Importance Of Weather & Coin Toss

Staying with test matches, the importance of the weather and the team that wins the toss shouldn’t be undervalued. This is often one of the aspects that is taught at the beginning of a guide to cricket betting. There are two factors to be aware of when it comes to the weather. The first, and most obvious one, is that the team that are playing at home have a big advantage as they will be aware of the climates that they are playing in. That will especially be the case when a team like Ireland goes to play in Sri Lanka.

However, the toss is also vital as the team that chooses to bat first will have the advantage of playing on the fresh surface. The team that then bats second will have a less predictable surface to play on, which could be damaging to their chances.

3. Looking At Other Markets

There are a lot of unique betting opportunities when it comes to betting on cricket, and that means that gamblers should look elsewhere sometimes to maximise their returns. That means that money shouldn’t always be placed on the same markets, such as match or test winner. Instead, could choose to take advantage of how to bet on cricket to win, and choose markets such as man of the match, or top runscorer.

The research phase to both of these markets is vital as it will show the punter who the leading players to be crowned these are. If one player has had a history of achieving for Australia in Pakistan, then there is a good chance that they will be repeating that feat once again. It is a great way of seeing which players have a history of taking to the climate well and still producing their best cricket.

4. Head To Head Records

The biggest giveaway for any gambler when it comes to sports betting in the recent head to head meetings between sides. This gives the bettor an insight into the way that the game could play out, and should always be part of any research phase when betting on cricket. Some teams may have a dominant record against a team that they are playing against, which means that they may not perform to their best against a certain opponent.

Punters will need to know this information if they are to place a bet on any kind of cricket match as it will have an impression on the way that the game may play out. While looking at recent meetings, gamblers may also find trends that have been ongoing such as a low number of runs scored between two sides. That would open up potential value in the total runs market, which can be maximised.

5. Latest Injury News

If a team are going to take part in a high-standard test series, then gamblers should be aware of the players that have made the squad. This could be an immediate deal-breaker when it comes to placing a bet. Should a team be missing their biggest wicket-taker or the player that scores the most runs for the team, then their chances of recording a success could be hindered.

For example, if a gambler is looking to bet on online sports and a fixture between Australia and South Africa, but see Australia have alarmingly high odds, then they should look at the players named in the squad. If they see that are without Steve Smith, then punters should look for other markets for value as they will be missing they crucial batsman that will be tasked with scoring the runs.

6. Pick Your Time To Bet

Picking the right time to bet is often the difference to winning considerably more on cricket matches. The best in-play functions have taken the importance of timing to a new level, and punters should be aware of that. These prices will consistently change, which means finding the right time to place the wager is often the difference between returns and bigger profit. The best online sportsbooks pride themselves on having more in-play markets than their competitors, so gamblers should always look around.


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