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There’s no arguing that Formula 1 is a great sport to watch but what about Formula 1 betting? The only difference between watching the Grand Prix directly from the streets of Monaco or Singapore, to following the race and your odds online, is that the wind will not blasts in your face as you bet online. If you are not at all familiar with Grand Prix or odds on Formula 1, our Guide to Formula 1 Betting should help you out.

To become an odds winner - you need to know a bit about the most important drivers, events and Formula 1 Teams. Understanding the importance of the different Grand Prix races will only make it more exciting to place your odds but there is no need to waste your time searching for the best online Formula 1 sportsbooks. We did the hard work for you!  Our team has picked out the best sportsbooks for Formula 1 betting and you can check them out in the table below! 

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Comparing Online Formula 1 Bookmakers

The question that might be on your mind at the moment is how do we decide which Formula 1 betting sites are better than the rest.  The simple answer is that we select the best online sportsbooks after doing thorough research on the subject. The long answer is that we took all sorts of criteria into consideration while comparing online Formula 1 bookmakers.

Below are some of the main factors we took into account while looking for the best F1 books:

  • Consistently good odds across a variety of F1 betting markets
  • A large collection of Formula 1 racing events you can bet on
  • Lucrative bonuses and promotions
  • Fast and secure banking options with zero fees
  • User-friendly website and mobile app
  • Responsive customer support that’s available 24/7
  • Legit license for online Formula 1 betting in USA

All of the sportsbooks listed in the table above excel at all of these things. Sign up to one (or more) of the bookies we recommend and you’ll enjoy every moment of your Formula 1 betting adventure!

Types of Bets

Formula 1 is a motorsport that can make adrenaline rush through your veins, but there’s a way to make your experience even more exciting. What we’re talking about is placing bets on Formula 1 races.

The big question is what kind of Formula 1 online bets can you place? We explain them in detail in the linked article but let's summarize the most important once: 

  • Race winner: There are 20 drivers competing on the track and it’s up to you to place your money on the man you think is going to win. Apart from betting on the winner of the race, you can also bet that a driver will end up on the podium, that is, that he will finish among the top 3. Some bookies even let you bet that a driver will finish among the top 10.
  • Championship winner: Drivers collect points in every single race over the course of the season. The one who collects the most points after all races is the season champion. This is a kind of outright bet that most Formula 1 sportsbooks have in their offer.
  • Fastest Lap – Each race has dozens of laps and you can bet on which driver is going to drive the fastest lap. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to win the race; it just means that you're betting he's going to achieve the fastest lap time.
  • Pole Position – Before the race, drivers need to do the trials in order to prepare for the big event, as well as decide who’s going to get the pole position. The driver who does the best at the trials gets to start the race from the pole position, which is the one at the very front.

The Best Formula 1 Drivers

Lewis Hamilton from Brittain is the current world champion driving for the Mercedes Team since 2013. He has won the Formula 1 World Championships sex times (2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019) and is a strong candidate for the 2020 title as well. 

Major Formula 1 Events

Formula 1 is the top-tier class of formula car racing, but there are also Formula 2 and Formula 3 classes. Still, most sportsbooks only have Formula 1 in their betting offer as this is, by far, the most popular championship of the three.

The Formula 1 season starts in spring and ends in fall, with races taking place in different parts of the world. There are usually more than 20 races over the course of one season, with the 2020 F1 season having a total of 21 scheduled Grand Prix races. Although most races have viewership measured in millions, there are some races that do stand out when popularity is concerned.

British Grand Prix and Monaco Grand Prix have a long tradition in this sport and have always been popular among F1 fans. But, more recently, Canadian Grand Prix has started attracting enormous crowds, both in front of the TV sets and on the track. More than 360,000 people gather to watch this race in person every year and even more watch it on the television or via live internet streams.

Why Give Online Formula 1 Betting a Try?

If you’re an avid motor sports fan, you can take your experience to a whole new level by giving online Formula 1 betting a shot. Even if the race is not too interesting, placing bets on it will turn it into a breathtaking event. Then, there’s also the financial aspect – if you’re good at it, you can make money of F1 betting!  

It’s a long way to go to become the best online Formula 1 betting expert. Our advice is to start slowly, trying out with smaller amounts. Only once you’re certain of your F1 knowledge and betting skills should you go big.

Check out our bookmaker recommendations and pick one that will help you get off to a flying start with Formula 1 betting!

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