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Best MMA Online Betting Strategies


According to Conor McGregor himself, the 2018 bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov that lasted just over three minutes earned the Irishman more than $50M. That’s just one proof of how much money there is in MMA. And the best thing is that you can get your share of it!

No, we’re not saying that you should get in the Octagon to get beaten up. What we’re suggesting is that you should learn how to bet on MMA to profit without great risk. If you’re a rookie bettor, we advise you to start your journey by going through our beginner's guide to MMA online betting.  

How to Bet on MMA and Win?

Placing MMA bets is easy; you just need access to a reputable online sportsbook, then to find an event and place your stake. What’s difficult is deciding which bet to put your money on. The good news is that there are plenty of events to choose from on a regular basis. The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) organizes events almost every weekend, whether it’s a numbered UFC event or a Fight Night.

In addition, there are many other promotions that organize events on their own, including MMA Bellator, One Championship, and Pancrase. There are also many MMA betting markets available for each of those events. What this all means is that you have plenty of betting options before you. The tricky part is deciding which one to choose.

To do that, the best thing you can do is become passionate and informed about the sport. That way, you will find it easy to go through dozens of MMA-related articles and watch dozens of fight videos. By doing that, you will gather the knowledge necessary for figuring out which fighter is most likely to win.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that passionate MMA fans are all successful bettors. Some of them are, but most aren't.  The reason for that is that they are not knowledgeable or educated about betting and this sport in particular.

10 MMA Betting Tips to Remember

If you consider yourself a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, but even with extensive knowledge on everything related to this sport you’re still struggling to make efficient betting decisions, you are at the right place. We’re now going to give you some very useful tips on how to increase your winnings.

Here are 10 things to remember in order to be able to enhance your MMA knowledge:

  • Favorites Usually Win
    MMA is one of the not-to-many sports in which the favorites almost always win. Betting on them can bring you profits in the long run, but mind you, the odds on favorites are often very short.
  • Upsets Do Happen
    It only takes one lucky punch for the underdog to knock-out the favorite. This is the reason why you shouldn’t bet a huge sum on a single fight even if you’re 100% sure your fighter is going to win.  
  • Betting Odds
    You can think of betting odds as the reflection of what the oddsmakers believe to be the true probability of an outcome. This means that the fighter with shorter odds is the one whom sportsbooks think is going to win.
  • Odds Changes
    Initial odds released by the sportsbooks will change according to what the bettors are putting their money on. If they’re backing one fighter with a lot of money, the odds on that fighter are going to shorten.
  • Fighting Styles
    There are plenty of techniques and fighting styles an MMA fighter can use. Some of them work great against some techniques, while not being too effective against others. Furthermore, the fighting style can also tell you about the method of victory. If a fighter is an expert in wrestling, he’s more likely to beat his opponent by submission rather than KO or TKO.
  • Official Rankings
    The UFC has its own official rankings for each weight division in addition to pound-for-pound rankings. It’s a similar situation with other promotions as well. The rankings can tell you which fighter has been better, the info you can use to make your predictions.  
  • Division Changes
    If a fighter has been dominant in one division, it doesn’t mean that the same is going to be the case if they move to another division. A cruiserweight fighter (up to 225 lb) moving to the heavyweight division (up to 265 lb) can find it very difficult to fight with much bigger and heavier opponents.
  • Promotion Change
    If a fighter is making their debut in the UFC, you better be careful with your bets. The UFC is considered the cream of the crop of the MMA, so the fact that a fighter has done well in some other promotion does not make them a favorite in the UFC, even if they’re fighting a relatively unsuccessful fighter.
  • H2H Stats
    If the two fighters have already met in the past, their previous duels can tell you what to expect from their future bouts.
  • Recent News and Rumors
    Every fighter is left on their own in the Octagon, so if there’s some kind of injury or a personal problem that’s bothering them, it can have a huge impact on their performance.

Strategies for Winning MMA Bets

There are plenty of easy MMA betting strategies out there. Most of them can be separated into two categories. The first category of MMA betting strategy iis betting on the favorites. Because the odds of favorites are usually very short, you will have to place a big number of bets in order to large profits.

Another method for winning on MMA is to try to figure out when an upset is going to happen. By betting on underdogs, you get to place your money on very long odds. This means that you don’t have to wager too much money on a single bet. However, knowing that underdogs lose most of the time, you will have to place a big number of bets.

There’s another MMA betting method, which tells you to forget about the odds. Instead, focus on nothing but your knowledge. If you’re a real expert at MMA betting, you have every right to hope for long term profits. 

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