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Rugby Union Bet Types


Rugby union betting markets are as fierce as they come. There is a host of options available for punters, all offering something different. There are straightforward markets for the outright winner of games and competitions at all top online sportsbooks, and markets that cater to a more specific bet. These markets will differ depending on the competition you’re betting on, but there remains a profitable way on all markets to gain value.

Rugby has long been one of the most popular games in the world, and looks to go from strength to strength as it was introduced to an Asian market during the World Cup in 2019. However, what markets can bettors expect to find when they are looking for rugby bet types?  If you find that some of the terms used about rugby betting in this article are unclear, refer to our beginner's guide to online rugby union betting


The most common and straightforward way for wagerers to lay a stake on rugby fixtures is through the 1X2 market, by simply placing a bet on the team that wins the game. The ‘1’ will be listed as the home side, while ‘2’ will be the away team. The ‘X’ signifies a draw, but this is typically the highest odds out of the three.

A simple example of this would be for a fixture between the USA and Canada in Miami. The USA would be ‘1’ and Canada would be ‘2’. If a stake is layed on the USA to win, they must opt to place the bet on ‘1’. The bet is a winning one if the team that you have selected wins the 80-minute match. These bets from the 1X2 market can also be added to a longer bet such as an accumulator to increase the amount you stand to win.

Double Result

If you’re unsure which way a game may go, then the double result market is your best bet for covering two bases. Here, you can select two possible outcomes for the game on one bet. For instance, if the fixture is Wales vs Ireland and you wanted to bet on Wales or the draw, then you could. However, the odds for this market are much smaller than their respective odds on the 1X2 market. That being said, it is a great way to sustain a profit; no matter how small.


In truth, this is the most popular choice available in the rugby union betting markets. That is because there is a gulf in quality between most sides on the world stage. Therefore, the bookmaker will introduce a handicap against the favored side. That is either done by handing the favored side a negative starting point or giving the outsider an advantage in points.

For instance, in a match between New Zealand and Italy, you would be able to add a handicap of -30.5 on New Zealand to win. That means that the All Blacks will need to win the match by at least 31 points for the bet to be a winner.

Win Margin

As we have discussed, the gulf between the best sides and the worst is enormous, which means that the winning margin could be a big gap. There is a market for bettors to bet on the gap between the sides when the full-time whistle blows. The divides between the points go up in fives. So bookmaker’s will allow wagerers to bet on the game being between 6-10 points, 11-15 or 16-20. The number of choices would depend on the fixture.

Team To Win Both Halves

A lucrative option could be th Team To Win Both Halves market. Here you can select the side that will be leading at half time as well as at full time. The odds on this market are increased from the 1X2 market and could see extra value had on the favored sides in particular games.

Half With Most Tries

This market is self-explanatory. You can lay a stake on the half that will see the most tries. The options in this market are either the first half, second half or tie. The research process will be crucial for this market and could offer guidance into which sides start quicker, and which team prefer to finish stronger.

Team To Score First/Last Try

Punters are also able to bet on the team that will score the first and last tries in the match. These two markets are separate, which is where the research could be crucial. For the bet to be a winner, the team that you have selected has to score either first or last; depending on the market you’re betting on. As soon as the first try is scored the bet is settled in the team to score the first try market, while the other market is settled once the final whistle has been blown.

First Tryscorer

If you wanted to be more daring, then you can select the exact player that will score the first try in the match. The options on this will be all the players on both sides, and the bet will be settled once the first try has been scored. If the player you have selected scores the first try, then the bet is a winner.

Outright Bet

The outright market remains the most competitive and challenging for season-long rugby bets online for the European Champions Cup and Challenge Cup, Premiership, Pro 14 and the French Top 14. As well as this, outright bets can also be placed on international competitions such as the Six Nations, The Rugby Championship, Super Rugby, and, of course, the World Cup. Here, you will place a bet on the team that you believe will win the respective tournament. If the team that you have selected wins, then the bet is a winner. You can also add an each-way bet on the outright market, which means that you can see some return even if your selection finishes second in the tournament.

The outright market for a competition such as the World Cup or European Chamions Cup is more significant, as bettors can also lay a stake on the teams that they believe will win each pool, as well as the winning team in the competition. 

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