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Rugby Union Betting Tips to Live By


Betting on rugby union could be an incredibly lucrative avenue to achieve returns. However, there still needs to be tips that are followed in order to learn how to bet on rugby union and win. These tips are often the aspects that many gamblers take for granted and just presume to be hearsay. However, they are anything but that.

The tips are given out for a reason, and punters should ensure that they follow them in order to achieve that maximum profit that they are looking to achieve through the strategies to winning on rugby union bets. But, what should bettors be looking out for to ensure that they can win their maximum returns on rugby union bets?

Recent Meetings Between Teams

The biggest giveaway for any gambler looking to bet on a rugby union betting strategy is the recent record between the two sides that you’re looking to bet on. These will give the best information about the direction in which a game may go. If a team hasn’t won against their opponent for a number of years, then you must ask yourself how is this time going to be any different. If you can come up with a solid answer to why the unfancied side can end that run, then there could be an avenue for success.

However, most experts at a guide to sports betting online state that you should always back the team that have been consistent. Consistency is crucial. If a team has beaten their opponent by over seven points in the last four meetings in the space of two years, then it would be incredibly difficult to bet against that. That is the easiest way to learn how to bet on rugby union to win.

Read The League Standings

Of course, there aren’t league standings to take into consideration for events such as the World Cup, but when it comes to the Gallagher Premiership and Six Nations, the league standings could make for interesting viewing. The points tally is normally the one section that all gamblers look at. However, there is more to the league standings that purely that column.

Viewers should also look deeper at the other columns to find the easy rugby union betting strategies. The best rugby betting guide would highlight that more attention should be put into the amount of points that have been scored and conceded. That will highlight a strong rugby betting strategy, as gamblers will know about the respective team’s strengths or weaknesses at either end of the field.

Delving Deeper Into The Markets

Most of the leading online sportsbooks now offer hundreds of different markets when it comes to sports betting. Rugby union is one of the most popular, which means there is always an avenue for profit for gamblers. Bettors should delve deeper than just the match result market, as they could be missing out on other avenues for revenue. Here and just some of the other markets that you could bet on:

  • Handicap Betting
  • Winning Margin
  • Half time result
  • Half time/Full time
  • Team to score first

There is so much more to bet on that just the final result. The research phase will open all these potential avenues for gamblers. For example, if they find that Ireland have beaten Scotland by at least 10 points in the previous meeting, then they could easily bet on the winning margin market. There will be more value in betting on Ireland to win by ten points, then there is for Ireland to win the match result market. Finding this value is imperative for gamblers.

Examine Weather Conditions

When it comes to rugby, one of the most important factors that could be detrimental to bettors is the weather. If there are stormy conditions with the wind having an impact on the play, then it is unlikely that a kicker will finish the game as the top scorer. That is due to the wind potentially throwing him off his game. It is an important factor that should be considered before any bet is placed.

Look Into Multiple Bets

There isn’t much value to be had in just single selections from the match result market. That leads a lot of gamblers to the multiple selections. Here, they can add a number of different teams into one bet to increase the potential stake that could be rewarded should their bet win. Selections from most markets can be included into accumulators, but the most common are often selections from the match result or handicap market.

This could be an interesting betting strategy for rugby union gamblers, but there are still factors that they must be aware of. The most important factor is that should one selection lose, then the stake is lost. Regardless, it remains a popular gambling opportunity for punters that are feeling more daring, or have done the adequate research to pull it off.

In-Play Betting

Bets don’t have to be placed before a ball is kicked or thrown. Instead, gamblers can wait until the game is underway to try and find an avenue for betting. All the leading sportsbooks now boast in-play options, and some of them even include live streaming so bettors can watch the action. The markets that gamblers can bet on in this section include next tryscorer, team to score next try and match result. The odds are constantly changing, which means finding the perfect time is imperative to success.

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