Strategies to Win Big with Snooker Betting

As with all sports, it is difficult to bet on snooker and win consistently. The majority of bettors are recreational and usually lose more money than they win, which provides the bookies with their income.

We have drawn up a 5-step guide to help you to increase your win percentage and beat your bookie.

1. First Steps

The first important step is to choose the right sportsbook. You need to sign up to one that offers slightly better odds than their competitors, as this can be the difference of winning a few extra bucks with each successful bet. You also need a sportsbook that offers the most markets on snooker so that you can fully utilise your research. Make sure you are not limited to betting on 2 or 3 markets. If you need help finding the best available sportsbook for you, we have an in-depth list on our site which is perfect.

Now you need to develop your knowledge on each market that you can bet on. Finding niche markets in snooker can provide you with value bets, which is extremely important when betting on any sport. Value bets are ones that are priced up incorrectly by the bookmaker. Remember, a bookie has to decide on the odds for all of the markets that they offer, and they do not always get it spot on. If you require more information about the individual markets on offer, please refer to our snooker betting types article, which has everything you need.

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2. Know the Game

If you are to be successful at betting on snooker online, then you must know the rules of the game and how it is played.

This background knowledge will help you to fully understand how each player is performing when you look into their previous results (this is explained more later on). If you need to brush up on your snooker knowledge, then you can read our beginners guide to online snooker betting which has all of the information you will need.

3. Study the Players

The ultimate strategy for winning snooker bets is research. Spending adequate time looking into each individual player will help you to assess how each one will perform in their upcoming game, and also help you to seek out value bets.

The areas you should look into are highlighted below.

Current Form

Make sure you look at how well they have performed in their previous 3-5 games. This will give you an idea if they are on a good run of form and whether they will perform well again next time. If they have won games in their last 3-5 games, look at how many frames they have won by. This will help steer you in the handicap market if they are playing close games or if they are totally blowing out their opponent each time.

Previous Breaks

Look further into a player’s recent performances and see what breaks they have been achieving. If someone is consistently hitting 50+ breaks in their previous games, then they are more than likely to record another 50+ in the next one. This consistency is key when playing snooker and will help you to determine who is more likely to record a higher break out of the two competitors. 

Safety Game

A snooker players safety game is their first defence when competing. If there is no ball available to pot, they will have to play a shot to minimise the risk of their opponent potting a ball on their next turn. If a player’s safety game has been off in recent games, then the opposing player will have more chances during the game, so please look out for this.

Form Against Similar Opposition

You should also research a player’s form against a similar opposition that they will be facing in the upcoming game. If the opposition is ranked, then look at how they have performed against someone with a similar rank, this will inform you if they are comfortable playing against this type of opposition. It can be difficult when a player is facing an amateur snooker player with no rank, so please be careful in these match-ups.

4. Pay Attention to Unranked Tournaments and Qualifiers

Most people will just look at the results of the main tournaments to try to get an understanding of a player’s performance. This will not paint the full picture!

Make sure you look at the unranked competitions and also the qualifiers for the major tournaments. This will highlight many of the lesser known players and could provide you with value bets down the line. 

5. Final Advice

We have two pieces of parting advice for you whilst you are on your online snooker betting journey. 

First, you must make sure that you never chase any losses. If you lose one or two bets, then it can be tempting to place a bigger amount on the next one or place a bet that you weren’t originally going to, just to make the money back. Please don’t do this as you will certainly lose more money in the long run!

Second, always record each and every bet that you place on snooker. Making a note of every bet you place will inform you which markets you have a higher win percentage on and which ones you don’t. You can then decide if you should stop betting on the markets that you are losing on to help you win bigger. 

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