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Baseball Betting Online for Real Money


Betting is everywhere, from adverts on the television to billboards on the side of the highway. One of the major sporting events in North America – the Major League Baseball (MLB) season, is just one spectacle for bettors to sink their teeth into.  Sportsbooks have now widened their range of baseball markets offered to bettors, by including competitions taking place throughout Asia.  

Best Baseball Betting Sites are here to help when you are looking into betting on baseball online, thanks to our superb reviews highlighted in this article. Each review consists of a user rating coupled with the welcome bonuses that are offered to new customers. We find user ratings as a great tool when looking at choosing a sportsbook and they help us to confidently recommend various online betting sites.

Whether you are beginning your journey into baseball betting online, or you are an experienced bettor, has you covered to ease the time and energy it takes to find your very own top sportsbook.

Comparing Baseball Betting Sites

With the recent boom in online betting, new companies are continuously being set up to take advantage of the rising popularity. This can create a headache for you, when trying to decide which baseball betting site is for you. has taken away the time and stress by carrying out all of this research for you and putting it all together into one easily accessible place.

We follow specific rules when grading potential baseball betting sites for you, and there are a number of boxes that the website much check prior to our recommendation. These include:

  • Enticing promotions and bonuses.
  • Continuously awesome and consistent odds.
  • Solid bets.
  • Specialised betting apps and mobile websites.
  • Licensing from an official US gambling authority.
  • Certified digital security encryptions (SSL).
  • Swift and trustworthy banking options.

Baseball Betting Types

Sportsbooks offer a wide variety of baseball betting markets. A few of the most popular are highlighted below:

  • Moneyline
    Determining the outcome of the game. Will the home or away team come out on top following their 9+ innings?
  • Over/Under Totals
    The sportsbook will offer a combined total of runs scored in the game, and you decide whether the total number of runs will be above or below that figure. With each team having the possibility of 27 outs (depending if the Home team is winning following the top of the 9th), there is the possibility of large pay-outs awaiting. Other over/under total bets include a team’s overall total runs scored or number of hits for each team.
  • Run Line
    Otherwise known as point spread in other major sports (NFL and NBA). Baseball is usually a lower scoring game, therefore, the Run Line offered by sportsbooks rarely change. One team is always awarded -1.5 and the other +1.5. Unlike the crazy point spreads in the NFL where they can be anywhere from 3 to 20+!
  • Proposition Betting
    ‘Prop’ betting is always a fun and exciting way to wager on baseball. Placing a bet on who is going to score a home run in tonight’s matchup, or whether the Dodgers will win the game by exactly 2 runs. Although lower probabilities of winning, bettors can get very favorable odds with these types of bets.

Top Baseball Events

An article about baseball betting online wouldn't be complete without a guide to baseball events worldwide:

Major League Baseball (MLB)
Major League Baseball (MLB) is the biggest and best baseball competition across the world. The MLB season garners attention from spectators all across the globe, and with the current international series’ taking place in Japan and England, the MLB is growing even more. Betting MLB Baseball online has been taken to new heights with the current season containing a massive 2,430 games in total. 

College Baseball (NCAA)
College teams throughout the United States competing against each other to reach the College World Series, and hopefully become National Champions. 

Triple A Minor League
Each team in the MLB has a minor league affiliate. This is where players who are "out of form", "returning from injury" or simply "young prospects" can get game time so that they are ready when they are called or recalled to the Majors. 

Baseball is huge in Japan. The Nippon Professional Baseball league consists of 12 teams playing a total of 144 games each. Each team trying to make their way to the Japan Series. Baseball popularity in Japan has grown so much, the High School Baseball Championship (taking place in August each year) is a nationally televised event.

South Korea
Founded in 1982, the KBO League is another baseball league that sportsbooks are now offering betting markets on.   

Why Bet on Baseball Online?

When choosing a sportsbook, your main objective is to find one that is trustworthy, has a wide choice of betting types, and most importantly, is legal. Some sportsbooks have unreliable withdrawal procedures which are not brought to the attention of the customer prior to signing up. wants you to be wary of bookmakers like this, and it is why we have provided you with an article listing the most secure, fair, convenient and private betting sites for bettors.

Our recommendations are updated each year, so please return to in the future to find out what our recommendations for safe and secure online baseball betting sites are.

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