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Rugby League Betting Online for Real Money


Top Rugby League Betting Sites

Betting on rugby league can be one of the most lucrative sporting betting options available, but only if you stake your money with the best possible bookmaker. The vast number of online rugby league betting sites has made it difficult for the bettors to find the best possible site. However, that's where we are here to help. Instead of spending hours researching the best possible bookmaker's individually, we have done the hard work for you.  If you find that some of the terms used about rugby league betting in this article are unclear, refer to our guide to online rugby league betting

We have cut through the industry and carefully selected the best online rugby league betting markets for fans of the sport, so they can get straight to placing their bets. Here are the bookmakers that you should be using for your rugby league bets:

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How We Compare Online Rugby League Betting Sites

When looking at rugby league online bookmakers, we take into careful consideration the crucial aspects that will be vitally important to punters. The first of which is security. Everybody wants to know that their personal and sensitive information won't be given away or lost, and that is checked. Should a bookmaker have the relevant SSL encryption and licenses from well-respect regulators, then this would cover that. This is the quickest way to ensure that a potential bookmaker cares about their wagerers.

The other important aspects that we consider include the attractive welcome offer and inticing ongoing promotions. We want to ensure that bettors are given the best possible chance to earn real money from the very start of their career with a bookmaker. The final aspect is the odds. The best online rugby league betting companies will ensure that they have the best possible odds available, so when the bettor wins, they win more. Only when this checklist has all been passed would we consider recommending a bookmaker to the wagerers.

Types of Rugby League Bets

Match Betting
The most straightforward way to put a bet on a rugby league match is by simply picking the side to win. This can be done in the match betting market. This is also called the 1X2 market, as the '1' signifies the home side, while '2' is the away team. The 'X' is the draw. Gamblers would simply lay a stake on the team that they believe will win the match and the bet is settled once the final whistle has been blown. Should the team that you have selected wins, then you will receive the winnings. However, if the team you have selected loses, then the stake is lost.

Handicap Betting
The most common way to bet of rugby league is by using the handicap market. This is incredibly popular when betting online rugby league in the USA. This would even the sides out with the fancied side starting the match with a disadvantage that they will need to overcome. For instance, a favored side could start the match with a handicap of -20.5. To win a bet after placing a stake on the fancied side to win, that team must win by at least a 21-point margin. If they don't, then the stake is lost. This could also be a lucrative way to bet on underdogs as they will start the match with the same points advantage.

First Tryscorer Market
Tries score the most points in rugby, and for that reason, there is a betting market specifically for it. Wagerers can lay a bet on the name of the player that will score the first try of the match. The bet is settled once the first try has been scored, and if the player that you have selected scores it then the bet is a winning one. However, if they don't, then the stake is lost. It could be a lucrative market should the correct research have been done.

Race To Ten Points Market
One of the markets that are unique to rugby league is the ability to bet on the team that will reach ten points first. The bettor can choose between three selections; with 'No Team' also a selection. The bet is settled once the first side reaches ten points. Should the side you have selected reach the benchmark first, then the bet is a winner. However, if they don't then the stake is lost.

Major Rugby League Events

World Cup
The biggest competition in the rugby league calendar is the World Cup. This sees all the best players from around the world compete for the honour of being called a world champion. The betting markets for each individual game are incredibly popular, but the most common selections can be found in the outright markets. Here bettors can bet on which sides will win each group, as well as the country that will win the entire competition.

The highest level of domestic competition is the NRL in Australia. Here 16 teams compete on a weekly basis for the honour of winning the Grand Final. It is one of the most brutal leagues in the world, and the unpredictability makes it a hugely profitable choice for gamblers.

Super League
England's Super League also has a high reputation with punters and is one of the fastest-growing leagues in the UK. There is an international flavour to the English pyramid with France having a side in the Super League, and Canada now having a team in Super League as well. Matches are hugely popular for wagerers, with the outright markets being an attractive proposition.

Why Rugby League Betting Online?

The number of people moving to online betting for their rugby league betting is staggering. As well as being able to bet on the go and during live matches, the safety with the SSL encryptions and strict regulations that bookmakers must adhere to make it a safe and enjoyable place to make bets. The online betting on the sport has added a new layer of interest into an already established sport.

Rugby League - You Can Bet on It!

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