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How to Bet on Rugby League and Win


Rugby league is one of the most popular emerging sports in the world. It has finally stepped out of its older brother's shadow and is making waves of its own, and the next few years promise to be massive for the sport. The World Cup will take center stage next year, 2021, which means gamblers have adequate time to learn how to bet on rugby league and win.

The sport is most popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, but it has started making waves in Canada over recent years. It has become that popular and successful with the Toronto Wolfpack now playing their rugby in the top-tier Super League in England. However, when it comes to betting strategies to winning on their bets, what can gamblers do to increase their chances of winning on rugby league sports betting?

Understand The Difference Between League & Union

At the beginning of every guide to rugby league betting, gamblers will be advised that they need to know the difference between league and union. There are a number of crucial details that are different, and they must be known before making a bet on any rugby league betting strategy. The codes of the game are very similar in the way that they are both played for 80 minutes. Also, the ball can’t be passed forward, and the tries are scored by passing the white goal lines, which are where the goalposts stand.

However, the crucial aspects that are different occur when the ball goes out of play. In league, the ball in contested in a scrum once it goes out. Also, there are less players on the pitch, and the ball must change hands after six tackles.

Rugby League Competitions To Bet On

With the popularity of rugby league in Australia and the UK, the two main competitions to bet on are the NRL and the Super League. There are a number of betting opportunities for both. The most prominent is putting a bet on the team that will win the competitions outright. These bets are settled at the end of the season after the Grand Final.

Individual Match Betting

The most easy rugby league betting strategies centre around individual match betting. Here, the gambler can place their stake on the match result, the team to score the most tries and the player to score the first or last try. Each of them are attractive betting avenues for gamblers, and they can all be found on the top sportsbooks.

Finding The Right Rugby League Sportsbook

Before placing a bet and learning how to bet on rugby league to win, gamblers should put time aside to find the best sportsbook for their rugby league needs. The leading sportsbooks in this market cover every imaginable base, which means that there are a lot of opportunities to win profit by betting on the sport. Gamblers should find these betting sites, and sign up to a few of them. That will ensure that they can always get the best possible price on their rugby league bets.

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Tips To Consider Before Placing A Rugby League Bet

Before taking advantage of any easy rugby league betting strategies, gamblers must put their time into making sure that they are making the most knowledgeable bet. There are factors that bettors must consider before making their wager, including the head to head meetings, latest team news and the league standings.

The latter of which would be the biggest giveaway as to how a game may go as the league standings would give the bettor a fair representation of how many games each team has won, as well as the amount of points that they have scored and conceded compared to their opponents. From this research, gamblers can then place their wager based on what they have found.

Bet In-Play

The ball is in play for an average of 50 minutes in rugby league, which means there is always time for gamblers to make a quick bet on the game that they are watching when the ball has gone dead. The industry leaders, when it comes to betting on rugby league, offer hundreds of different markets in their in-play section, which creates more opportunities for bettors to win returns.

Some of the most popular markets include next try scorer, team to score the next points and the team to win the match. The latter of those markets will see its odds change continuously throughout the match, which means gamblers will have to find the right time to place their bet to ensure that they can win more.

Bet Smart, and Start Small

When it comes to betting on rugby league gamblers should always start by placing small wagers. Once they have gained confidence, then they can steadily increase these stakes. At the beginning, bettors should start small and only bet what they would be willing to lose. Most of the leading sportsbooks will also offer welcome offers, which will give players more chance to win, and this shouldn’t be wasted by betting on long-shots.

Gamblers should always be smart with their money and only bet on what they believe could happen through the research that they have conducted. Bettors should also never bet using their heart; they should remove the sentimental reasoning out of their judgement call to make smarter and more knowledgeable bets. Once you have understood all those tips, then you will be ready to win money by betting on the rugby league.

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