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Sports Betting Online for Real Money


Online sports betting sites have evolved so much during the 21st century that it really can be hard to choose one. The good news is that we have created a thorough article right here to explain all of the essential ins and outs for you. Online sports betting doesn't need to be overwhelming or confusing, but it is important to know what to look for, and this is especially true when it comes to choosing the best online sportsbook that you possibly can.

More specifically, if you are not involved with online sports betting these days you are missing out on some major opportunities. Incentives such as promotions, speed of betting, live streaming and plenty of other features are just some of the reasons to be familiar with online sports betting.

All of this is explained in this article, but before we go anywhere, take a moment to peruse our recommended online sportsbooks. We typically base recommendations on trustworthiness, overall site development, how the odds are, as well as the overall range of sports and markets.

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Major Bet Types in Detail

Online casino sports betting is a term that is often used synonymously with bookmaking, so you may run into both terms along the way. Do not worry - both mean the same thing. You need to be able to understand and analyze the three major online sports bet types.

  • Single Bet (sometimes called Money Line Bet)

This is without a doubt the most simple of all sports bet types, and the vast majority of online sportsbooks will offer this as their primary bet. If a sport has 3 possible outcomes to a game, you will see 3 different options to place a single bet. If a sport has just 2 possible outcomes (win or lose), you will see just 2 options.

For example, in the NBA there will always be one winner to a game. If the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Houston Rockets, one team will ultimately win the game. You could place a $10 single bet on the Cavaliers to win at 1.5 odds, for a potential return of $15 if you are correct. When a sport has 3 possible outcomes, these will always consist of team 1 to win, draw, or team 2 to win.

  • Handicap Spread Bet

Online sports betting sites will always price one team as a favorite over another. This is where the world of handicap betting comes into play. For example, if the New England Patriots played the Denver Broncos in football the site may price the Patriots as the favorite. With online sports betting, this means that you will be offered a handicap spread bet.

In this example, the over / under bet may be for the New England Patriots to win by more than 8.5 points, and for the Denver Broncos to finish within 8.5 points of their opponents. This will be presented in the following way: New England Patriots -8.5, Denver Broncos +8.5. Notice that the favorite is presented using a minus symbol; this will always identify the favorite for the game.

  • Over/Under Bet

Online sports betting in USA tends to focus on over/under bets for points, goals or total scores, rather than more specific markets. And in fact, this is by far the most common form of over/under betting across a wide range of sports. For example, in a game of baseball you will see an over/under bet for total number of runs scored in a game.

The exact number of runs and the bet offered can be determined by the teams who are playing, as well as how one sided or close the game is expected to be. Online sports betting sites will state this clearly as over/under, alongside a specific number of runs. The more obscure or less likely a bet becomes, the higher odds you will see. 

Guide to the Top Sports to Bet On

The best online sports betting marketplaces will cover every major sport and their events. As a general guide to online sports betting it is said that the more popular a sport is, the greater the range of markets will be. For this reason, there are some specific sports that you will want to bet on in order to make the most out of your online sports betting experience.

For online sports betting in North American sports, definitely look for the major leagues. This includes the MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and college level sporting events. However, reputable online sports betting sites will also offer betting opportunities for major European and worldwide sports. The most popular will typically be soccer, tennis and golf.

Aside from these specific sports and leagues, online sports betting offers an enormous range of markets when it comes to major global events. These include the Olympics for athletics and many otehr popular sports, the World Cup for soccer, post-season games for USA/Canadian events plus many more.

How We Compare Online Bookies in Detail

Besides the criteria mentioned previously, there are some very specific details that we base our recommendations on. Whether you choose to follow our recommendations or not, you should try and make your decisions based on at least a few of the following criteria.

  • Welcome offers 
  • Range of markets 
  • Availability of sports 
  • Competitiveness of odds 
  • Availability of in-play betting
  • Live streaming services

These are just some of the most important factors to consider when choosing an online sportsbook. There are several others, but these should be paramount when betting online!

So Why Should You Start Betting Online?

Where do we begin?! It's amazingly convenient, trustable, often has greater variety, bets can be placed in seconds, accounts are secure, major events are often live streamed, and this is just to begin with!

So follow the advice in this article, and begin sports betting online today!

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