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Tennis Betting Online for Real Money


Online Tennis BettingTop Online Tennis Betting Sites

Online tennis betting is enjoyed by thousands of punters every year, and it is vastly becoming one of the most popular sports to bet on. So popular in fact that online tennis bookmakers have popped up all over the USA/Canada in recent years, but as they say, not all online tennis bookmakers were created equal.

We have dissected the best online tennis betting sites that are currently available, and brought them to you in the list below. The reason we are recommending these online bookmakers falls under a variety of criteria, all of which needs to be present for selection. Criteria such as fair odds, security of the site, customer support and many more are all major considerations when scrolling through sites. This is especially true for online tennis betting in USA, since regulations are still in their infancy compared to sites in Europe.

With all of this being said, take a look at our recommended list of the best online tennis betting sites below.

Events You Cannot Miss

Online tennis betting is largely popular due to the fact that the season of tennis runs all year round. Unlike other sports where the major events are sporadic, tennis hosts major as regularly as each calendar month. This essentially means that opportunities to bet and potentially win are incredibly frequent compared with other sports. But what exactly are these events?

  • Australian Open

This is the first of four Grand Slams during the tennis season. It is held in Melbourne, Australia in January each and every year. Both male and female competitors play this event, and the surface is hard court.

  • French Open

Second in line is the French Open, which is played in Paris at the end of May each year. The surface for this event is clay, and this suits players with great agility and those who play with a slightly slower game style.

  • Wimbledon

This is the one that they all want to win. Wimbledon is the most traditional of all the Grand Slam events, and it is played on grass rather than clay or hard court as seen before. Wimbledon is played in London, England. The event is usually played at the start of July.

  • US Open

The final Grand Slam of the tennis season is the US Open, which is played in New York in September. This event is played on hard court, just like the Australian Open.

Besides these four Grand Slams there are events known as ‘1000 events’ that take place all year round, and most of the top players compete in these events also.

Main Tennis Bets

To be successful with online tennis betting you need to not only understand the three major tennis bet types, and what they truly mean. We have identified this in a simple guide to tennis bets right here:

  • Outright winner

For Grand Slam events odds are usually available well in advance, but for 1000 events they are usually available closer to the start date. And the best online tennis betting sites will usually display these under the relevant event section. For outright winner bets it is critically important to understand player game styles, as this will give them a better chance in certain competitions. For example, Rafael Nadal will usually be heavily favored for the French Open since he is a great clay court player.

  • Money line (single bet)

Online tennis bookmakers will always present tennis games in a 1 vs. 2 format. This is because there can only be two outcomes from any tennis match; either player 1 will win the game or player 2. Like other sports, one player will always be favored to win the game and this will be reflected with the odds. For example, if Roger Federer played a lower ranked opponent he may have odds that are lower than 1.2, meaning that if you staked $10 on Federer to win you will get a return of $12.

  • Over/under

Tennis scoring can be complex, and over/under bets often extend to a whole range of markets. However, the major markets are over/under bets for either set betting or game betting. With set betting, online tennis bookmakers will always offer a chance to bet on a specific game running over or under a particular set number. And since tennis is usually played using a best of 3 format, the bet offered will be over 2.5 sets or under 2.5 sets.

For over/under in terms of games, the bookmaker will specify a certain game amount such as over/under 24.5 games, and you can bet in the same way.

  • Handicap spread bet

Just like other sports, there is always one favorite in tennis. Therefore online tennis betting sites will always offer a handicap spread bet. This will be for the favorite to win by a certain number of games, or for the underdog to lose by a spread of less than the specified games. The favorite could be a spread of -4.5, and the underdog could be a spread of +4.5. The odds are always presented using this positive and minus symbol, which signifies who the favorite is.

Choosing an Online Tennis Bookmaker

We have touched on the criteria previously for this consideration, but let’s get a bit more specific. The main criteria to pay attention to are as follows:

  • How many markets are available
  • Secure transactions
  • Odds compared with other competitors (do they offer value)
  • Customer support services
  • Event coverage
  • Time to payout winning bets

These are the major factors that we consider when providing online bookmaker recommendations. Of course there are other factors, but these are the major ones we consider when finding a trustworthy and well-established online betting site.

But Why Online Tennis Betting?

Besides the convenience of being able to place bets from a desktop site or a mobile device, online tennis betting provides unique opportunities for bettors:

  • Higher chance of winning (only two outcomes)
  • Odds can fluctuate rapidly
  • Events held year round
  • Variety of events – ATP (men’s) and WTA (women’s), doubles and mixed doubles

In this day and age, the real question should be "why not tennis betting?" There has never been a better time to get involved than now! 

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