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Online Sports Betting Strategies


If you conduct a five-minute search online these days, you will come across countless sites claiming that they know how to bet on sports betting and win. Here’s the problem with the Internet - not all of the information you come across is reliable, or truthful in the slightest.

If you are new to online sports betting, we have put together some basic info and strategies in the GamblersBet beginner's guide to sports betting that you can implement to realistically increase your chances of making a profit. Of course, these aren’t guaranteed to get you into the green, but they can certainly help turn things in your favor.

Use as Many Bonuses as You Can 

Given that there is so much competition between the best sportsbooks right now, there has been a particular trend that has emerged. Online sports betting platforms now serve up more betting offers than ever before, all to attract you from their competitor sites.

This is great for sports bettors, as you can get your hands on free bets, cashback incentives, deposit boosts, and so much more. Essentially these promotions give you a chance at profiting without risking your own money, and the more accounts that you have with online platforms the more bonuses you have access to.

Do be warned, however, for if you only ever bet using promotions there is a chance that your account could be restricted. This isn’t always the case with this sports betting strategy, but we’ve seen it happen.

Wait for In-Play Bets

Concerning how to bet on sports betting to win, in-play wagering is a fan favorite. In-play betting has been a fan favorite for a long time, as it provides a system where you can find higher odds than you would for pre-match bets. Take tennis for example - if one player was favored heavily before the game, but they then lose their serve in a set, you can lock in odds of close to 2.0 or above for this player to win that particular set.

This system works the same way when using sports betting markets in soccer too. Say that Manchester City went a goal down against a much lower level opposition, you can grab moneyline markets that are significantly higher than they were prior to the game beginning. On top of this, you can bet less money in exchange for an equal or higher return since the odds that you bet on are higher. 

Wager Between 1-2% Bankroll

One of the main reasons that sports bettors fail is due to bankroll management. They may get agitated at a lack of profit, so they go for a bet that uses most of their bankroll and they lose. One of the keys to online sports betting is to keep your bets down to just 1-2% of your total account balance, and this would be regarded as one of the easy sports betting strategies from this list. 

Always remember, slow but consistent profit is much more preferable than occasional larger profits followed by significant losses. You can always adjust this figure slightly based on changes in line ups, or particularly appealing odds that may surface, but as a general rule of thumb - this is the target range that you need to stick to for long term success.

When you are following this strategy, you need to be extremely disciplined and ignore those inner betting devils telling you to be big on a ‘sure thing’. Sports betting by nature is unpredictable, and absolutely anything can happen on the day. Control your bank balance, and you may just have a shot at riding out those low times while profiting in the good times.

Hedge Your Bets by Making In-Play Wagers

This is a tactic that you need to be on the ball for, but it can be very rewarding once you truly get the hang of it. Let’s say that you bet on Liverpool to win a Champions League game against PSG, and you bet on them to win as a pre-match bet. If Liverpool goes 1-0 up in the game, you’ll see that the markets for both a draw and for PSG to win significantly increase.

This provides a perfect opportunity to hedge your previous bet, as you will already be on track for a Liverpool win, but there’s always a chance that it won’t happen. You also have the added advantage of betting less money during this in-play bet, as the odds will be higher than they were before the game.

You may need to conduct a few calculations prior to making this bet, which will need to be done quickly also as the game is in-play. Basically, you need to calculate how you can cover the markets without totally removing your potential profit if Liverpool did win. To become familiar with this technique, we highly advise running through a few practice games first without actually wagering any money.

Just grab a piece of paper and write down what you would have wagered, and at what point in the game. This strategy can be used for other sports too, not just soccer. Other sports that it works particularly well with are tennis, hockey, American football, and basketball.


Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our strategies to winning on sports betting bets! Whether you want to concentrate on just one of these strategies and perfect it or try your hand at all of them, we always suggest practicing with a smaller bank balance. It is likely that in the early stages you may struggle to grasp some of these methods, and you will naturally make some mistakes, to begin with.

This is why practicing with smaller amounts can make a huge difference, and it will set you up for greater success in the long run.


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