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Tennis Online Betting Strategies


Tennis betting strategies are designed with one goal in mind - to give you a better understanding of how to bet on tennis and win. The beauty of tennis betting is that there is only ever a winner or a loser, which already eliminates the dreaded chance of a draw seen with other sports like soccer.

It’s also true that with the nature of the scoring system with tennis, it provides many ideal opportunities to cash in on the various markets available. You can find several of our suggested tennis betting strategies right here in this article, and they aren’t too difficult to implement.

If you are new to tennis betting, it might be useful to read over our beginner's guide to tennis betting online.

Set Betting - Over/Under in Grand Slams 

In terms of strategies to winning on tennis bets, this has to be one of the easiest of them all. Firstly, however, you need to understand how Grand Slam tennis scoring works. This strategy applies to men’s tennis betting only, as they play matches that are the best out of 5 sets in Grand Slam events.

Usually, you will see betting markets where you can bet on the number of sets in the match, which is presented at over 3.5 or under 3.5. In Grand Slam tennis, it is often extremely likely that a game will go beyond 3.5 sets, especially if you have similar playing styles going against each other, or if big servers are involved.

Depending on which players are competing against one another, you can grab odds that are pushing up to 2.00 or even higher for this particular market. Needless to say, you can bet a small amount and almost double your money if you choose the right matches.

Utilize Grand Slam Promotions

Many top online betting platforms advertise promotions when Grand Slam events roll around. There are 4 total Grand Slam events held throughout the year, meaning that you have 4 opportunities to lock in these promotions and take advantage of them. Most of the time you can access promotions such as boosted odds, cashback, and even parlay boosts with some of the best sites.

Essentially, it gives you a chance to extract much more value, and it’s a super simple tennis betting strategy to follow. If you have multiple accounts with some of the top online sportsbooks too, you’ll be able to basically access these offers multiple times. Even if you aren’t successful with your bets, at least you won’t have used much of your own money, and you could even get money back thanks to the insurance bonuses.

In-Play Betting

Tennis scoring gives you the ideal opportunity to wager using sporting markets with higher odds than you might find with other sports. When it comes to in-play tennis betting, there are two ideal situations that you should take advantage of if you want to know how to bet on tennis to win.

First up, we have the event where a favored player goes a break down in any particular set of the match. Since sets of tennis are only played to 6 games, bookies tend to go crazy when a player loses their service, even when it is the favored player. By monitoring the in-play markets, you can bet on a player to win a set once they go a break of serve down, and it happens more regularly than you’d think.

Secondly, when a favored player goes down by one set, whether this in Grand Slam tennis or not, it gives a fantastic chance to wager on greater odds. It’s not particularly uncommon in tennis where the favored player may lose the first set, but bookies always seem to create markets where the odds are much larger than they should be. All this means for you as the sports bettor is that you can bet on these markets with less cash, and with a chance to win a greater payout.

Break of Serve Bets

This is a risky bet of all the ones listed in our tennis betting markets, but it can pay off big time if you are smart about it. Tennis is evolving to a point where the serves are becoming enormous these days, making it very tough for a player to break serve against these giants. However, there are some phenomenal returners of serve out there, giving a chance to access markets where you can get an edge over the bookies.

Take Novak Djokovic for example, yes he may be the world’s best player, but his return of serve is just insane. When he plays larger servers he has a good chance at breaking every single game, but you can find odds of up to 2.5 or even 3.0 and above for him to actually break the serve of his opponent. 

Some of the bigger serves on the men’s tour are John Isner, Milos Raonic, Kevin Anderson, Reilly Opelka, and a few others. We advise keeping a close eye on their games whenever they are playing against a top returner like Djokovic.


We hope that you have found some value in our suggest tennis betting strategies above, and given that the ATP and WTA tennis tours are constantly running year-round, you always have a chance to use these strategies. Do take the time to seek out the top online sportsbooks in your country, as this is important to check sites that supply you with appealing odds and some of the best promotions.

With many tennis events taking place literally all year round, go ahead and sign up to your chosen sportsbook sites and put these strategies to use!

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